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  1. A friend gave me a Buick V6, that I was going to install in my 38 Coupe, but I installed it into an S10 Chevy, and added a Olds trans. Used it 10 years. For my 38 Coupe I found a 218 Flathead, and added a Ranger 5 speed, has been great several years now...
  2. I am running drums front, and rear... Both MCs worked good...
  3. On my 38 Coupe, I used a small piston 1986 Dodge MC for 10 years, and then I installed a large piston 1994 Ford Bronco MC. The MCs were aluminum, so easy to cut some of the mounting off, and redrill new mounted holes. The brakes pedals go all the way to the floor now...
  4. I took my heater apart, flushed, pressure tested, repair leak, painted, all that one winter. A heater sure makes a lot of difference. Enjoy.....
  5. On my 48 Dodge, I used a Mustang II MC, with a simple piece of angle steel to attach it too. I used a longer push rod going through the original MC. Worked great..
  6. I installed a 95 Ranger rear in my 38 Coupe several years ago. I had to add spacers, since the Ranger rear was not wide enough for the wheel tire combo I use... The 3.73 gear makes for very good gears, but I think the 3.55 Jeep rear will do a little better....
  7. I believe that is his older video. Studebaker engine.
  8. I friend of mine gave me a seat from a Chevy Surburban, the 3rd row seat. It fit perfect, and it tilts forward to get to the back of the seat storage. The original interior in my Coupe was tan. Now I will have to make new door panels, and a new headliner, all tan.....
  9. Welcome to the Forum. You will find very much information here on the type vehicle you are looking for. I have a 38 Coupe with a 37 engine, since 1986. Has been a great project......Bob..
  10. I had 3 different 3 speeds in my 38. First gear went in all three. I gave the forth trans to someone in Pa. I think I still have one more, but I went with a conversion, to a 5 speed Ranger trans....
  11. My 37 hung from the carport for many years on ratchet straps. Even with the doors, it is still not very heavy, no floors though. When I first bought my pair of 38s, in 1986, I could move one of the bodies around the yard by myself, and I was never a strong person. I would guess body only, about 400 lbs....
  12. With my Coupe, I used Dodge Van door panel backing, and covered with blanket material. The headliner, I did with blanket material also....
  13. Bobb Horn


    A few years ago, I bought one of these pipe benders, and a few stick of exhaust pipe. Bent my own exhaust system, painted with high heat paint. No muffler. Still looks and sounds good 10 years later. Not too loud for short trips, cruise ins, etc.,,, only 80 HP....
  14. There was a heat shield available for these cars also. None of my 37 or 38s have one. I will try to find a photo of my original fuel line at the fuel pump.
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