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  1. Most of the parts I have bought lately, is made in Mexico...
  2. My 218 in 5th gear, 3.73 rear gear, I am doing 60 mph at 1800 rpm on near level highway.. I would never go 90, even if I could....
  3. I have never had a muffler on my 38, only the 2 inch pipe. Would having a muffler near the center of the car, make much difference than having the same muffler at the rear of the car. I have tried several mufflers, resonaters, cat converters, etc. on the rear of the tail pipe, to test different sounds. I think the nearly empty cat converter had the best sound...
  4. I measured from the outside brake drum to brake drum where the wheels bolt on, on my 38, and the Jeep rear. The Jeep seems to be about 1/4 inch wider....
  5. I believe the Fram C3 was a better fit for me, than the Fram C134......
  6. You may notice on our 38s, that the shoes are the same length, where as more modern shoes have a shorter shoe for one side. I have been running the same length brake shoes for several years now with no problem. My shoe linings are from a Ford product. I believe one will wear quicker with my step type wheel cylinders, not much wear difference so far.
  7. This is the cap on my 38 when I bought it in 1986. I painted one just to see what it would look like....
  8. This is the upper mount on my 37, same as on my 38.
  9. "Not so much in top speed",,,,,,that is where the 5 speed trans makes a big improvement......
  10. I have my 38 Coupe for over 30 years now. 218 Chrysler flathead, with a Ford Ranger 5 speed, 3.73 rearend. My 38 will cruise all day at 65mph, thanks to the 5 speed/3.73 rear. It has plenty of power to go faster, but with the condition of the suspension, stock brakes, I choose not to at this time. I think a 3.55 rear would be a good improvement for my 38, as well as a 230 with a 2V carb. My Coupe will never be a "show car", but I can run with the group all day.
  11. I have a pair of the "cop wheels" on the rear of my 38, 235/15 tires. Have 3 more that I have to blast and paint.
  12. A friend gave me a Buick V6, that I was going to install in my 38 Coupe, but I installed it into an S10 Chevy, and added a Olds trans. Used it 10 years. For my 38 Coupe I found a 218 Flathead, and added a Ranger 5 speed, has been great several years now...
  13. I am running drums front, and rear... Both MCs worked good...
  14. On my 38 Coupe, I used a small piston 1986 Dodge MC for 10 years, and then I installed a large piston 1994 Ford Bronco MC. The MCs were aluminum, so easy to cut some of the mounting off, and redrill new mounted holes. The brakes pedals go all the way to the floor now...
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