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  1. Does anyone know off hand from experience or best educated guess if these will fit my 2 door Cranbrook 8f they were pulled from a business coupe?
  2. Ok thanks. Even if I Flex seal or something the underside to reinforce it I may want to do that. As you can see there is wear especially on the front seat piece. I don't just want to tape the underside. I want something more flexible and durable.
  3. Hey all, I have an original rubber flooring for a 1951 Plymouth Business coupe that I want to put in my 51 Plymouth standard 2 door Cranbrook... not sure if it will 100% fit right but if it does, has anyone ever tried to spruce up that original flooring with any rubber paint? I was thinking like a flex seal type of paint or something similar? I see several kinds online just wondering if anyone has tried this? Thanks in advance... there's a few pictures for reference of what I have and what I need to fix, random usage cracking and wear.
  4. Hey everyone, I was wondering the the dashboards are interchangeable between a 1950 Plymouth Deluxe 2 door and a 1950 Dodge 2 door Kingsway Wagon? Thanks in advance.
  5. Not sure if this helps... this is a 50 Plymouth...
  6. Man you reeeeeeeeeally hate the red wheels... its good to have firm beliefs and stick to them I guess.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any hidden meaning with them. I appreciate all opinions, being a 43 year old with a 70 year old car or 2, I just like to know what others like and appreciate. Thanks all...
  8. So this may be a stupid question being newer to this and all... but what is the real issue with red wheels? I have no idea why you all talk about them like they are cancer to a car... I am honestly just trying to understand the deep hidden meaning behind all the hate... I am just wondering if this is all personal opinion, or if there is some legitimate reason you all seem to hate them so much... please explain to better my understanding.
  9. Man do I love that car. Heck of a job on that.
  10. Well I got both of my cars up to my work to get a little clean and take some photos... here are a few.
  11. Honestly it's disappointing to see reactions like this to somebody saving any old MOPAR from its grave... Regardless of the stance or any cosmetic modification, it is still on the road being seen and appreciated by all. As an owner of an original stock 50 Plymouth and a 51 Plymouth with a 350/350 combo and lowered a few inches, I feel the love in having both. I agree with having an unmolested original stock car and a more fun to drive slightly more modern car. The appreciation comes in it being a Plymouth or Dodge or whatever owner. Keep up the good work Will, can't wait to see it when it is finished up.
  12. Hello, does anyone happen to know if the front and back seats from a 1950 Plymouth Deluxe 2 door will fit in a 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook 2 door? The seats in my 50 are a lot nicer than my 51 and am considering swapping them... I would get all the measurements on moth myself but my 50 is not accessible for a few weeks, so it is hard for me to get those specs. Please let me know and thanks in advance... Ed
  13. Well I lost the skirts and 57 Caddy caps and put a proper set of 51 Plymouth caps on her... pretty sure it will stay this way. Maybe look for a super nice set of Plymouth caps.... let me know what you think of the before and after pics.
  14. Yeah i have several sets of those caps. I will definitely try them on when I get the new wheels on. After I get those skirts off. I at least want to see what it looks like without them. Ed
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