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  1. Sorry. Craigslist link below. I have more pictures of all the parts in boxes and crates and shelves. Ed https://cleveland.craigslist.org/pts/d/weirton-large-lot-collection-of-vintage/7072585183.html
  2. Not sure if this is where I should post this. I went to buy some stuff from a guy near Pittsburgh yesterday and this guy has a TON of stuff. 50 to 75 fenders hoods and trunks of assorted vehicles. More NOS parts that i thought i would ever see. A ton of used generators, carbs, fuel pumps, etc. I took some pictures I can show if interested. I have the guys contact info. There is a craigslist ad but doesnt show what's all involved. He is looking to sell the whole lot... he has a whole shed of brake shoes and liners, most looked NOS. This stuff is screaming to be saved and used by the right person that can move, store sort and ID these parts. Seems like an amazing deal. Message me and I contact you pictures. Ed
  3. Sorry forgot to mention, the wheels are coated red, which obviously won't help hide the bumps. Maybe a darker color would work better.
  4. I do not know a ton about the powder coat process, I have my interior door trim out getting done as we speak, but they were in good shape so shouldn't be too difficult on those items... I do have a set of 4 wheels that were powdercoated and 1 of them is noticeably bumpy, obviously from being rusty before coating... After talking to the coater several times he did mention there is only so much he can do with sandblasting, and imperfections can be magnified by the process... As proven by the one wheel that I have. Ed
  5. Huh, well I have never been on any social media (aside from Linkedin), and swore I never would... but this has me rethinking that. Especially since I have so many 50 Plymouth parts to sell... Thanks. Ed
  6. Does anyone know if fenders from a 4 door and a 2 door are the same size? Will the fenders from a 4 door fit a 2 door 1950 Plymouth? I can measure but want to make sure bolt patterns for attachment are the same etc... Thanks in advance Ed
  7. Ok thanks. I dont see part numbers anywhere. Or anything. I can google til I find another one. Unless anyone knows more... Ed
  8. Hello all. I ran across a few items that I am not 100% sure what they are. Any help would be appreciated. Are they 3 different types of water valves? Just not sure. Thanks Ed
  9. Dont have a business coupe. But found these pics online...
  10. Could you possibly use nail polish remover or some sort of gentle paint remover? Or do you think that would eat at the clear piece? Just wondering, I have 4 or 5 of these for my 1950 Plymouth so I am going to try this. If I ruin one it won't be the end of the world, maybe I will start on one of the really beat up ones. So paint remover? Or just soap like you used? Anyone else have any experience with paint removal on this type of piece? Ed
  11. I have a 2 door 50 Plymouth, not the business coupe, and there are 6 bows... I believe my 4 door 50 Plymouth has the same 6 bows. Though on WLS headliners site it shows a 5 or 6 panel, with 4 or 5 bows... see attached pic.
  12. Afternoon all, I have been told by a few people that bumpers have part numbers engraved somewhere on the back side of them? I can not seem to find it though, obviously because the inside of bumpers are usually caked with a bunch of crud. Does anyone have any idea exactly where they are so I can scrub and clean to find out if my bumpers are correct? A picture of where the part # is located would be especially helpful, or some measurements to tell me where to look. Ideally for a 1950 Plymouth, but I would think that most of these ID #s are in the same or close to the same spot? Thanks in advance... Ed
  13. Wow. You should do that for interested parties and charge for the service. That looks amazing. Ed
  14. I just found an image on google that showed the front fender trim nicely... I just googled 1951 dodge and looked at images until I found a nice example of what I am looking for... link to site the car is posted on below... https://classiccars.com/listings/view/1256525/1951-dodge-coronet-for-sale-in-watertown-minnesota-55388
  15. Does anyone with a 1951 Dodge agree that this trim is the front fender piece seen on the picture attached? Does the length and width agree with what you have on your vehicle? Maybe that is why it looks like Plymouth trim... Ed
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