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  1. Hello, does anyone happen to know if the front and back seats from a 1950 Plymouth Deluxe 2 door will fit in a 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook 2 door? The seats in my 50 are a lot nicer than my 51 and am considering swapping them... I would get all the measurements on moth myself but my 50 is not accessible for a few weeks, so it is hard for me to get those specs. Please let me know and thanks in advance... Ed
  2. Well I lost the skirts and 57 Caddy caps and put a proper set of 51 Plymouth caps on her... pretty sure it will stay this way. Maybe look for a super nice set of Plymouth caps.... let me know what you think of the before and after pics.
  3. Yeah i have several sets of those caps. I will definitely try them on when I get the new wheels on. After I get those skirts off. I at least want to see what it looks like without them. Ed
  4. Yeah i have a classified on here looking for a 51 grill... waiting on someone to get me a shipping quote so I can make him a good offer. I have 2 50 and 2 49 grills... but they just won't fit without major modifications. Thanks
  5. So I broke down and bought another car. A little different than my mostly stock 50 Plymouth 2 door... this one is a 51 Plymouth Cranbrook, a little custom. This one has a 350 crate GM and 350 3 speed auto trans. I know I know, chevy guts in a beautiful MOPAR? Before everyone shoots me up and down there was a purpose behind this purchase. My father, who got his 50 Plymouth in 1988 when I was 11, had a stroke about 20 years ago. No chance in him ever driving a 3 on the tree again... So when I got my 50 I could tell he was super excited for me but also upset that he knew he couldn't drive it. So since then, roughly a year ago, I have had my eyes open for an auto trans car. Finally found one, even if it is not exactly what I wanted, nothing made me happier than the first time he got to tool around in it. So here are a few pics, hope you all enjoy as much as I do. And let me know your personal preference if you can, fender skirts or no... definitely going to lose the 57 Caddy caps, have a nice new set of powdercoated red wheels I am going to throw some dog dish caps on... Thanks Ed
  6. Well hot damn, I wish that was my test drive!!! Fortunately/unfortunately my work is about 1 mile from my house... But still love to take my 50/51 to work...
  7. Hello. Just wondering if any of you know if a 1949 or 1950 Plymouth Grill will fit a 1951 Plymouth? Are any modifications/trimming needed? Thanks. Ed
  8. Hello. Can anyone tell me if the interior window trim, interior windshield trim and interior rear window trim are the same between a 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook 2 door and a 1950 Plymouth 2 door? Not the Business Coupe just the regular 2 door... Thanks.
  9. Looks great. Love me some Ohiopyle... Went there for my bachelor party 15 years ago. Camped at Scarlet Knob campground and rafted twice in 3 days... Amazing.
  10. Here is what I have waiting to install in the next month or so... blasted and powdercoated. Chrome was in good shape, so no need to rechrome that... Ed
  11. Sorry. I guess the question I should have asked is has anyone ever put a front and/or back seat from a 1950 Plymouth/Dodge into a 1940 Plymouth/Dodge? Honestly even years that are close to those listed? Thanks Ed
  12. Sorry, should have mentioned the seats are for and from a 4 door... Ed
  13. Does anyone have any idea if the front and back seats from a 1950 Plymouth will fit into a 1940 Dodge? I think that they could with some modification worst case, but they may be a tad bit too wide? Thanks. Ed
  14. I watch Project Blue Book and they were riding around in a cherry 1949 Plymouth a few episodes ago... That show is set in the 50's so every car on the show is an old beauty... If alien shows are your thing and you love classic cars then please check it out. Ed
  15. OK thanks everybody... I am going to a professional for my headliner, so I may as well have them do the carpet as well. Thanks again. Ed
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