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  1. So far so good! i have put about 1600 miles on it since i bought it. just driving around. I am waiting for the drive ins to have movies i am interested in before i go there with it. right now they have had all the new disney movies or the new superhero movies. Hopefully they will have like an action/comedy combo or a comedy/horror combo (The drive ins does two movies back to back). I would be happy to meet up with you! we can find someplace in the middle hopefully others will be up for a meet up too.
  2. Sadly I will be at a graduation party. And then after that I will be hopefully able to put the rear axle back together now that I am pretty sure I have the correct seals. I ran to that problem a few other members ran into where the rear seals were smaller than what the factory sent them. Sunday i am currently open and it should be ready to rock. I'm also open next weekend.
  3. Have my first classic car and very excited. Anyone in the area interested in cruising the coast or something this summer or going to the drive ins? I know there are classic nights in the area i can hit, but looking to meet this community a little more.
  4. Just realized how to check if anyone responded haha! I would love to meet up. 25 miles is nothing! i would be happy to meet and Chat! i have a couple mechanic friends that are "helping" but the oldest is 28 so some of this "ancient technology" (his words) is throwing him for a loop. Some of the stuff i would like to look at is the wiring for some of the buttons. not all my switches are connected to anything. and if i could measure the bracket for the radio so i can make one that would be cool. Either way lets meet up for ice cream or something with our rides and cause a scene. I bought the s
  5. I am having the exact same problem. parts from rock auto and any other parts store i can find give me the same part that is too big (2.69). i have a '46 plymouth deluxe (p15). where were you able to find the parts for our which was the correct number to look for? I saw your last post saying you updated the thread for new seals.. but i am not sure i found the right information? any chance you could dumb it down for me?
  6. Any other Plymouth Deluxe owners in the area? Just bought my `46 Plymouth Deluxe on Saturday.. found some switches not sure what they do etc.. anyone around (NH) have one of these i can bounce questions off of or compare side by side the cars?
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