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  1. Well this is the reason I couldn’t find the last 2 bolts. Not sure you can see from the pics but the heads are almost gone. Trues to get a socket on and no luck. I’ll try to drill then out over the weekend.
  2. 13 is not the number I found. I found 11 including the double secret one on the bottom. It looks like I missed the two long ones in the center but will check tomorrow. Thanks for the count number and the pic that helps a lot.
  3. Just a quick update: we attempted to remove the manifold today and had to use a bolt extractor on most of the nuts that were so rusted we couldn’t get a bite on the bolt. After removing the bolts the manifold is stuck and not budging at all I tried a putty knife and moved it about 1/8 inch but not moving it won’t even rock to help move it. Considering all I see I think the engine needs to come out. I have never run into any motor that fights as much as this one.
  4. That’s a great idea. I’ll be going out of town next week but that will be my plan when I get back. Thank you for the advice and I’ll keep you posted.
  5. No luck at all freeing up the engine. I have been tapping the pistons every fey days with piece of round post that fits perfectly on the piston. I haven’t been able to get to the valves yet because the nuts on the manifold are rusted so I am soaking them with PB Blaster . I am pretty sure I need to pull the engine, pull it apart and see what’s going on but I’ll give it another few weeks of soaking and tapping. I did get the fenders and front clip off and started to weld some patches in place. Thanks KT
  6. Ok... so here is the game plan let me know what your think. Given what I saw when I took the head off I’m fairly certain the valves are stuck along with the piston.so the manifold and valve cover will come off so we can work to free the valves . Oil sludge was drained today .... smelly mix of water and oil almost grease like so the pan needs to get dropped and cleaned. Since we don’t have a drive shaft rocking won’t help so I’ll pick up a landscape timber trim it and take some shots at the pistons. Thanks for all the reply’s and help we’ve worked on a good number of Farmall tractors but never a truck like this. It doesn’t seem to be to different from the Tractors we are use to. Thanks KT
  7. Again I’m no expert but would having the truck in neutral release it from the transmission so the engine would turn if it was free? Regardless its a good idea I haven’t even looked at the tyranny since there is no drive shaft. Thanks KT
  8. I’m soaking n a combination of PB blaster and Marvel Mystery Oil.
  9. Thanks all for the reply’s. I turned the nut counter clock wise and it loosened and came right out. The threads don’t appear bad at all. Better safe than sorry I think I will try rocking it in high gear - since I have the starter out to rebuild I should be able to see if there is any advance. Has anyone ever taken off the oil pan and tried to get things moving from underneath? Thanks again KT
  10. Hi. I’m new but have been reading up to work on a 1952 pilothouse rust bucket that is a project for me and my 14 year old son. It’s been sitting outside for 20 years so everything is rusted and not moving including the engine. First order of business has been to soak the pistons for the last few weeks and try to move the crankshaft with the bolt. Two days ago it moved and today it moved about 1/4 of a turn but since I had the head off I was able to see the pistons and valves. Nothing moved as far as the valves and pistons or even the pulley on the engine that goes to the generator. The nut id definitely turning. Can anyone tell what could be happening? Am I doing more damage to the engine? Thanks for any help ......KT
  11. Hi. I recently purchased a 1952 dodge pick up. Among the list of things to do is to purchase/ rebuild the starter. The tag is deteriorated but I believe is says MCH- 5106. I cant seem to locate a rebuild kit on line for one. Does anyone know where I might be able to order one? Thanks KT
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