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  1. I ordered them this morning from Andy , thanks again for your reply and for this site, got a lot of good info so far.
  2. Thanks the the tip I’ll double check those but I’ve gone though it pretty good and have found a lot of play in my drag link, and an dead give away was at some point someone tied wire around the a ball joint on the drag link so no matter what I wound still like to change. Probably get away with just replace the ball joint on it, just need to know best place to find one, thanks
  3. Hello i’ve got a project I’m working on, it’s a 1938 Plymouth ( all original). The car is now running and driving but has a bad shake to it(not the brakes). I believe I need a new drag link and tie rod ends . My question here is where is the best place to buy these parts , help would be much appreciated, thanks
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