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  1. nah mate 2 hrs south of Perth .
  2. Cheers mate the resto is 20 years old no rust very very straight as you say.
  3. No idea mate but will investigate further.
  4. Floor pedals and engine # TE02816
  5. From the tag it D49S-4-516 so 91 made if knocked out in 54 if I am reading right.
  6. Cheers Scotty I will for sure mate.
  7. Cheers Scotty will do.
  8. No worries Don I will look at it once I pick tyre height and such, I know the purists like the stock untouched appearance I on the other hand like it as stock looking but with a subtle change of appearance, it will handle the same. Nice 48 by the way mate would look good lowered (joke old son).
  9. Springs were done 20 years ago as was the entire resto, and yep looks preference as these need all the help they can get
  10. Cheers mate im on it. So whats the better engine of the 2?
  11. Mate the car is pretty much as the ol fella restored it ( purchased from deceased estate) so I couldn't get a lot of info on the history Bakerlite caps, and how do I tell the 23" from a 25" donk. Colour same I don't know if its the original. I will look into it, its a 20 year old resto in near mint condition.
  12. That's what I want to achieve on the D49 Andy I may have to check wheel studs are 5x114.30 for wheel selection
  13. Exactly mate, I have no crowd to fit into, I have restored a 69 roadrunner, 73 challenger, 65 satellite, 63 and 66 Nova,70 Camaro ss, 66 Parisian, just to name a few American cars and at least 30 Aussie classics, I know what I like and I just do it regardless what anyone thinks
  14. I like a lower looking car and chrome rims with a wider whitewall, its just my personal choice Don.
  15. Cheers guys, im in Bunbury Western Australia, Coup looks mint Andy the 55 needs a bit of an adjustment in the looks department but it runs like a top
  16. G'day. I found your site just now so I thought I would slip in while no one is looking. I have this 1955 D49 Aussie built Kingsway in pretty good nic, not the hemi only a flat six. Im not going to mod it to much just tyres and rims and set her low. so any suggestions on wheel and tyre widths would be appreciated. Cheers
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