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    1951 dodge coronet 2 door

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    Married ,3 boys , trying to get them interested in cars / car show
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    At the moment trying to get this ol dodge road worthy

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  1. I’m already in too deep to turn back now lol do you have any pics of motor mount locations ? Seems to me ,to get a decent motor trans degree 3-5* motor sits fairly low in chassis ?
  2. Go to “butches cool stuff” I recently purchased a kit for sbc and turbo trans for my 51 coronet , looks pretty straight forward even offset engine and trans 1” so can use original steering. I haven’t installed yet and was actually hunting around on here to see if anyone else has used this kit and has installation pics or had any issues with installation
  3. Yeah I hear ya , I’ve definitely been lookin at t5’s and you’re right might as well go all the way ,something more practical and functional, I just figured I might be able to source a floor shift kit cheaper than a trans lol I’m not really worried about keeping original, I’ve already put and explorer rear end in 😝
  4. Thanks tbh I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate this forum
  5. Still pretty new here ,was trying to scout out info on my own but to no avail. Is it possible to convert 3speed manual column shift to a floor shift, while maintaining original trans if so , please advise, kits or otherwise thank you
  6. Sorry if this is a dumb question...... I’m new to flathead 6 , if I ditch my heater box can I plug heater hose ports on head ? Or do I still need to run hose from front to back of head , to maintain water flow through head ?
  7. Davknz


    bitchin thanks a ton , yeah figure I could replace 1 drum for 500 bucks or just the whole rearend for probably not much more lol , plus would be worth it in the long run with parts
  8. Davknz


    So recently purchased 51 coronet bit of a turd however motor is pretty dialed in as in fires right up any was looking for an inexpensive rear axle swap , one that maintains 5x4.5 bolt pattern and is pretty much plug and play (if possible) I had a heck of a time with rear drums and they are a bit pricey was looking for something alittle easier to source parts for . I’m building a bomb (lowrider) so not really worried about keeping it original. Thanks in advance
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