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  1. I dont have any vacuum advance on mine, i have the timing around 6 degrees before TDC now, so i will try it like that to see how she runs. thanks for the reply.
  2. Thanks for the info and to Shelney, Don et al for posting the information. It just shows valuable these posts are and how grateful guys like me are for people sharing their knowledge. I had similar problems on my Chrysler Kew 2.7 (Plymouth PE Deluxe) after some engine work. I thought i had all the marks lined up, oil pump, crank pulley, rotor cap etc. But after getting her going i could not get the timing back to near the 6 or 8 degrees mark as i ran out of adjustment counter clockwise. I took the oil pump out again and reset the indexing as per Shelneys post. Took a little fiddling to get the Dizzy & rotor reseated but got it eventually and managed to get the timing adjustment back. Can anyone advise as to what is the correct timing at idle (tickover) using a timing light for these motors. I used the vacuum gauge on the carb and the needle sits in the middle of the green range so the carb seems pretty good.
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