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  1. 3) Adjust the timing by rotating the distributor, set dwell by adjusting the point gap. I would use a dwell meter for this purpose.
  2. It is a factory aluminum head. The Chrysler part# is listed in the original post.
  3. I just purchased an aluminum head (part #695795) to put on a S-15 DeSoto 25" motor. I'm new to the aluminum heads on a flat head, I was wondering if you guys might be able to answer some questions for me? 1) Would you use the copper head gasket or the more modern Fel-Pro sandwich style (7256-C) 2) Would you use head bolts or studs. I'm assuming with either I should use hardened washers. 3) I have read the aluminum heads used a different spark plug. If true do you know what number they are. I guess any other thoughts or concerns anyone has I am willing to listen
  4. This is how I did my linkage on the '37 DeSoto, with and S-15 (251) motor, Nicson intake, and Carter carbs
  5. I have a 1937 DeSoto with a 1951 S-15 motor. The previous owner kind of put it together with a mosh-mash of parts. I was going to replace the thermostat so I purchased one for a 1951 DeSoto. When I pulled the old thermostat out there was a piece of hose about 1/2” long on top of the thermostat, about twice as long as the rubber seal which came with the new thermostat. The part # on the thermostat housing is 640726. My guess it is for the 1937. Any thoughts would be appreciated, I’m assuming I need to get a thermostat for a 37 or the housing for a 51
  6. I decided to just have the head trued. It took .009". Thanks for the thoughts, the article above really surprises me. Appears you can remove a lot of material and not affect the compression ratio very much.
  7. I have the head from my S-15 at the machine shop. I was going to have .050" taken off to raise the compression ratio, but the guys at the shop thought it may have been cut before. I was wondering if there was a specification on the thickness of the head and where the measurements should be taken.
  8. I need to get into the headlight housing of my 1937 DeSoto and check the wiring at the bulb socket. Have power to the headlight but not at the socket. Have the lens removed, but struggling removing the reflector. Can someone go through the steps for removal? Nothing in the shop manual.
  9. I'm looking at purchasing a 1938 Plymouth that is in my opinion very unique. It looks like most Hot Rods, but instead of the usual Small Block Chevy swap the builder elected to stay with the 230 cu. in. Flat Head six. It is about a six hour drive to go look at it, so I was wanting to get some opinions on what the members though the performance might be like. I'm familiar with this vintage of Chrysler products and expected cruising speed, but if I'm going to buy a car that looks like this I would like to be able to cruise at 75 mph, but I don't know if that is realistic. It has dual carbure
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