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  1. Someone sent me this with measurements and profile. Does this look like the outer rocker under the car?
  2. Yeh I like the thinking, my sills and rockers are like new, its only the underneath thats shot
  3. Body on yours almost the same as mine, yours has split rear screen like my 39 Desoto, mine has the later integral running boards, apart from that same same. Having difficulty posting more than one photo, something about 3mb limit, will keep trying. Sure is good to speak with another owner in Aus. Cheers. Nic.0490 288 081.
  4. Hey Andy, yeh this post was my last hope there might be some parts in Aus. Anyway, I'm in NSW near Canberra. Mines an Aus build, external hinges, TJR but yet to find the badge, serial plate is a give away though. My 39 Desoto was also TJR. My car's ressonable condition, good runner, body/floor needs a little work, rockers mostly, looking for someone to fabricate and weld them in. Has a 68 Falcon I6 220ci, 3 speed auto, Falcon diff, disc front, 12v, all by prev owner, had been parked up 10+years and unfinished when I bought it last year, fixing things every day, running well, lights now working, needs body work and paint but i'll do that whilst driving it.
  5. Looking for replacement rocker panels for my 48 Plymouth P15 special deluxe, I'm located in NSW Australia. Thanks.
  6. Hey all, I own an Australian built RHD 47 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4d sedan. Aside from the TJ Richards-Chrysler Australia history I can't find any specific information anywhere about Australian built cars or any listing of VIN or serial numbers for Australian made vehicles. I also understand that 47 was likely a US imported chassis and a TJ Richard's built body. Would be interested to find out how many Australian P15's were made (from a list of serial numbers?) and eventually find out how many Australian built 47 Plymouth SD's are left in existence. Cheers for your help.
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