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  1. Timing will cause one to run hotter also. Not just initial timing but mechanical and vaccum advance play a part. My diaphragm in my vaccum can was broken and fixing the vacuum advance, checking mechanical timing and vacuum advance timing to know where everything was helped my car run cooler.
  2. Make sure you bolt the 2 manifolds together and have them surfaced together. DAMHIK!
  3. If you've got to buy a tool anyway, you'll be money ahead buying a timing light. Even after timing it with a vacuum gauge, you still should check it with a light. My 2 cents.....
  4. I agree! Also, could the dizzy have rotated? Maybe put a light on it.
  5. I love that car! The wife's definitely a keeper!
  6. Thanks Sam. As much as the wife and I, and of course the son, have enjoyed the 48, we are looking forward to cruisin around in the 56. I've all but stopped working on the 58 while getting the 56 up to my standards. Good news is my son has been working on his project car. We painted his engine bay today getting ready to set the engine in. I think him driving the 48 to recent events might have inspired him a little. Btw, he's got a 93 foxbody coupe, we've built a healthy 351w to go in it.
  7. I've had a ton of potential buyers contact me interested in the car. I've also had a ton more just commenting "nice car" or "love that dodge" etc. Today I was contacted by a guy who I didn't think was a serious buyer by the conversation. He finally asked if he could come look at it. He's only the second person to look at it and we struck a deal. He's the first person I sent a link to this thread. Maybe he'll continue with updates on the car. I'm a little heartbroken but the car I'd going to continue to deteriorate if it stays with me. I've kept it under a carport but it still is getting dew on it and mist when it rains. The new owner plans to take it to the next level. I wish him luck.
  8. Update on the update..... I took the top off the carburetor and there's a small amount of rust that got by the filter before I replaced the fuel tank. Cleaned the carburetor and it's working fine again. The wife and I took the 56 (been working on it) to a cruise-in and the son wanted to take the 48. At a fuel stop he said to me "I love driving this ole car"
  9. Sorry for the late response if the question was for me. Either way I can answer. There's a port on the base of the yf I hooked my VA to. I ran rubber line to it. An update on my yf, the accelerator pump stopped working but I believe it was my fault. I put the new carburetor on before realizing my fuel tank was full of rust. When I took the top off the yf, there was a little rust in the bottom of the bowl that got by the filter. Not much. I cleaned the carburetor out and it's working fine again. I have since replaced my tank.
  10. Oh! Update on the cheap carburetor. The accelerator pump has stopped working and the car is hard to start after sitting a week or so. I haven't taken it apart yet to find out what's the problem.
  11. Went for a ride this evening to the auto parts for some white lithium grease for the 56. It's been neglected and the windows don't roll down all that smooth. The wife drove me in the 48 and riding in the 48 makes me question why I got it for sale in the first place. I love riding around in this thing! I'm going to seriously consider buying a 4 post lift so I can keep it. I do have a potential buyer coming to look at it tomorrow but you know how that goes.....likely not to hear from him tomorrow. In the past few weeks my son has wanted to drive the 48 a couple times. Even to the point he's asking what cruise-in is this weekend. He's taking it out a couple times over the last few weeks. Back to today, we threw a cover over the back seat and took the dog along. Here's the wife driving to the parts store, the dog riding along and a cruise in where the son drove the 48 and the wife and I drove the 56.
  12. Any bolt or stud going into a water jacket should have sealant applied to the threads.
  13. A trip like that sounds very enjoyable! Glad you seamed to enjoy it!
  14. I bought another car! A 56 dodge royal lancer 4dr Hardtop. So much for more time to work on the 58. Anyway, the wife and I spent some time today cleaning the 56 up for a cruise in this evening. My son wanted to take the 48 so we took both cars. My son mentioned several times how he loves driving the 48. Starting to work on me a little.
  15. Lol! I think I've heard the phrase "What was wrong with it?" Before myself!
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