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  1. Nothing beats live music and old cars! Sounds like somebody put on an awesome event! Congrats on the people's choice!
  2. I could be wrong but I'm betting you will st least the rear abs sensors and the frequency will need to match what the factory sensors and tone ring are looking for. The computers communicate with each other on a CAN bus and use these wheel speed sensors for everything like traction control, stability control, when and how aggressive to shift the transmission, electronic speedometer, etc. I'm fighting a few issues now with shifting on my car I'm building but I'm using a NAG1/5.7 hemi.
  3. Glad you made it back! There's a few spare parts (not many) I carry with me in my trunk. Cap, rotor, points and belts along with enough tools to change them. Mainly because I know I can't get the ignition parts at most local parts stores. To condense space, I put the rotor and points inside the cap box. While ordering your parts, might think about ordering a spare set.
  4. Here's a pic if the tone ring on my NAG1
  5. I'm very interested in watching this thread..... cause I've thought if swapping the 3.6 and 8 speed myself. One thing I've run into with Chrysler products is the wheel speed sensors are monitored by the computers and on the NAG1, are used for shifting. I'm not sure about the 8 speed but I'd lay money on the fact you'll need to provide rear speed signals for the computer to allow proper shifts of the transmission. Something to keep in mind..... you may be able to put a tone ring on the driveshaft and mount the wheel speed sensors to read the tone ring.
  6. I put a under dash vintage air in my 56 dodge. I'm happy with it. It would be better if the car was insulated better, especially the fire wall and if the weather strip sealed better but it keeps it comfortable in the car
  7. This is exactly how I justify the money I spend on old cars! It's not a waste if I'm learning and get enjoyment from what I'm doing! Great job on the engine! Always a smile you can't hide when one fires for the first time after you've "brought it back from the dead"
  8. I studied electronic technology on a 8088 processor.
  9. That's got to feel good! Awesome!
  10. In my opinion, yes! The fuel got hot enough to vaporize. I've had the same experience as you with both my older cars when they get heat soaked then sit idling in traffic. I keep my mechanical pump and installed an electric pump (in line on one car and used a "Y" and check valve on the other car) as a means to overcome vapor lock. I have a switch I turn on the electric pump only when needed. It works. I've since learned of a fuel filter with 1 inlet and 2 outlets designed to circulate fresh cool fuel continuously. This looks like a more bulletproof method but does require a way to return fuel
  11. Wow! It's been a while since I gave an update. The ac leaked down so I had a local shop re-crimp the lines I made and replaced the dryer, so far so good. The ignition skip was solved by installing a cd ignition box and only using the points ad a trigger. I used blade connectors so I can switch it back to points in minutes....and that proved to be a good move one night when the condenser caused the ignition box to quit working. Otherwise, the car has been great! I'm back working on my 58 Plymouth. The transmission is going into limp mode when it tries to go into 3rd gear, fluid smells an
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