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  1. As the title says, Canadian 218 25 inch block, crank, rods, pistons. free to anyone here who needs it. The bores are very rusty and will need a substantial rebore or resleeve to put right but the block is not cracked. It was still full of coolant after being stoped for about 10 years. I can deliver in the Montreal area for free also.
  2. Video of me and a friend removing the 218, don't know if the link will work... https://www.facebook.com/marieandreanne/videos/10155941767786710/?t=0
  3. Hi guys, Lots to say... The car was nowhere as near to running as it was supposed to be... The motor was seized and when broken free the cylinders were very badly pitted. The motor wich was not original to the car was the smallest of the 25.5 bloc, a 4 1/16 stroke 218 so i did not feel like it was worth my time to rebuild. I found an industrial 265 out of a portable water pump to replace it. That motor turned out to be in GREAT shape with everyting perfect exept for a borderline timing chain. So I will be using it but... I cant leave well enough alone... So I will be putting a triple carb intake, dual exhaust, HEI ignition, more compression and reground cam I am VERY lucky to have a local shop with lots of NOS parts where I found a new timing chain and 10 inch clutch disc and pressure plate that bolt directly on my 218 flywheel ( wich I will lighten ). So now I have a few parts out for powder coat and still waiting for the cam but should be reassembling very soon More to follow.
  4. I have a 1940 canadian Dodge and it looks very similar, will posta pic soon.
  5. The snow has finally melted and I got my proverbial "Barn Find" outside and towed to my place I have now bought a new battery and will know very soon if it still runs For some reason I can't ad any picture to this, I always get a message that says I am allowed 3 meg and I'm trying to post 700k pics so who knows...
  6. Thanks, I was on the phone with Tim Kingsbury earlier and he says it's definitely not a factory stamping. The car is not yet in my garage, we are waiting for a snow bank to melt ... As soon as it's at may place, I will do the stroke and block dating checks. To be continued ...
  7. Hi guys, Yes I have tried the search... My new to me 1940 Canadian D16 sedan has an enginr no. wich I can't find info on. It is stamped L13730C On the normal spot below the head gasket. Anybody can tell me what it came from ? Thanks in advance Francois
  8. Thank you guys I cant wait to start working on this project !
  9. What I forgot to say is that they are still used in the O-200 and maybe other models of Continental still sold today so still availlable ! At an otherworldly aircraft parts price for sure but availlabe.
  10. Those lifters look remarkably similar to Continental aircraft motor lifters !!
  11. Hi guys, I just bought my first vintage Dodge and evertthing I googled brought me here so I am now a member What I found is a 1940 D16 The data plate read as such: Model D16SPEC4DSED Body No 719 Paint Code !559 Trim Code A MO It is in relatively good shape and seems mostly original excep for the color wich is now dark red. But it has not been run in 4-5 years so it will need some fixing before driving. I have read here that the canadian dodge is different in many ways to the US one, how do I find parts ? Is there some sort of interchange list between Canadian and US cars parts ? The plan is not to do a rivet counters restoration but to drive the thing as much as possible ! Francois
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