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    Born on Jersey Shore, lived in Florida as a young adult, Married for 25 years.
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  1. Wow, great advise all the way around. I was beginning to consider hiring a experianced three year old child to crawl behind the dash. Still a "ROYAL" pain but gaining experiance with my old lady.
  2. Hey guys, I have a 49 Chrysler Royal sedan and I need some advise to resolve a few issues. Oil Pressure Gauge or line leaking down behind dash. Easier access front of dash to remove chrome bezel holding all gauges including speedo. Three screws one on top two on bottom but wont lift off. What am I missing.? Cowell vent gasket shot, but back part of gasket closest to windshield not accessible without removing the whole unit. I have an ideas what to do but dont want to over complicate the process. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards Steve Whichello
  3. I am a newbie to this forum, and seeking advice for a dumb move on my part. I changed the battery on my 49' Chrysler Royal. Prior to doing so the voltage regulator was buzzing intermittently. After replacing battery, I followed what I thought was the correct procedure to polarize the new original Autolite positive ground 6v regulator and flashed batt to field. Had it been a Chevy it would have worked. I went ahead and flashed batt to ARM, but still have intermittent buzzing. Did I just ruin my new regulator.?
  4. Recently acquired a 49 Chrysler Royal. I am just now getting familiar with a shop manual and parts list. No trailer queen here, just a really sweet driver in exceptional condition. Parts is my only concern. I see most of the basics appear to be available. My first task is to replace a buzzing voltage regulator, and a cowl vent gasket. I'm just not sure how to remove it yet. I have the replacement gasket, and it looks like the vent itself needs to come out to properly clean gasket channel and replace gasket.
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