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  1. I don't believe you pay anymore. Here's the information from their website. Historical Services: Due to the high volume of requests, Historical Services requests that all inquiries be submitted by mail or fax. With all requests, please provide your name, contact information and specific request. A confirmation email or letter will not be sent. Address: Historical Services 12501 Chrysler Freeway CIMS: 410-11-21 Detroit, MI 48288 USA Fax: 313-252-2928 https://www.fcagroup.com/en-us/footer/pages/contacts.aspx
  2. I know this goes without say, but have fire extinguisher nearby.
  3. In my state you can search about any counties court documents and find tax information on cars because it's public information. But you have to know the person name, can't search by car.
  4. Yes, dual master is safer. To answer your question, nothing. I replaced my leaky single reservoir master cylinder with another one. I started down the road and had no brakes, pulled into a parking lot and called my wife to bring me some brake fluid. I have an emergency brake that works, so I was able to stop. I also replaced the rubber lines. As long as you check your fluid regularly you should be OK. Usually if it leaks, its slow. If you have a puddle, then it's fast.
  5. Welcome to the forum, very nice car you have there!
  6. I had replaced all 8 wheel cylinders, all the rubber brake lines, all the brake pads and still had a spongy pedal. For me it turned out my master cylinder was leaking. When I replaced that I had to replace the 2 main brake lines. Now mine is perfect. But you said you replaced the master cylinder and bench bled it. With bleeding I started with the back right, then back left. Next was front right top, front right bottom, then front left top, front left bottom. I had the wife pumping the brakes. My self bleeder pump seemed to be sucking in air from somewhere.
  7. dhrandy

    new floors

    Maybe the same owner "repaired" our cars, lol. I have metal on one side with sheet metal screws shot straight through the floor, which really sucked when I went to replace the master cylinder. The other side has some kind of cardboard type material, maybe made of the same stuff as pegboard. I think this winter I'll tackle wiring and next year I'll tackle the floorboards and rocker panel.
  8. dhrandy

    new floors

    Exactly! I knew this when I starting looking for an older car. In my price range they weren't going to be rust free.
  9. Could just be a bad battery. Could be the generate/alternater not charging, depending on which you have. You can take a voltmeter and narrow down what's going on, braking shouldn't have anything to do with it. Do you know if you are 6 or 12 volts? If it's 6, it will probably be 6 volt positive ground. If it's had a 12 volt conversion you can swap the battery. If the battery hasn't been problem maintained you could just have a bad battery.
  10. My '50 Plymouth Special Deluxe currently has radials, but are in need for an upgrade. They are pretty old, couldn't even find them with Google. My current size is 215/75R15 and I'll stick with that size. I'm currently looking at a brand called Vitour Galaxy R1. The main reason I'm purchasing them is like you, they have a wider white-wall, 1 3/8" and are cheaper than the Coker's at $99 each.
  11. Correct, so the modern phone can charge at different levels. My phone has fast charging which doesn't work with all USB ports (Samsung S8), but does work with the one installed. You are also correct that the cigarette lighter doesn't care the polarity when heating the element. All it cares about is grounding out the lighter to produce the heat.
  12. Hadn't driven the Plymouth in a few months do to the master cylinder leaking. Starting down the road one day and had no brakes (I always check when starting). The 2 lines coming out of the master cylinder were seized, so I had to cut them. I had bought a brake line kit off E-bay, which were supposed to be the correct lengths. I even sent him a message confirming, of course they weren't. The longs one wasn't long enough, so I had to go to the auto-parts store and buy new brake line and the tools to make my own. Replaced the master cylinder without removing the floor pan, which was a pain. I would have had to take my seat out to remove the carpet that was added. Took about 2 days and now everything works. I've enjoyed driving black Betty when it's not raining on the weekends. The past weekend I also installed a $7 USB cord charger to the car. My first idea as to convert the cigarette light to not be negative ground, but it only has one wire. The second thought was to add a voltage regulator and covert it to 12 volts. While I was at Walmart I saw the cheap USB charger and thought I'd give that a shot and see if it would run on 6 volts. Tested with the battery and sure enough, actually charges just fine. Installed under the dash and just used some existing wiring that was under there. I can say whoever says working on old cars is easy has something else coming for them (maybe between the 60's and 90's.... The whole brake system has been a challenge, to say the least. I was checking my tire brand and did a little Google search. The car has Dayton's on it. I couldn't find a thing about the tire, so I'm under the assumption that they're pretty old. This will be my next update. I've started poking around the interwebs and was really hoping to find some reasonable priced full white-walls. Nope, wasn't going to happen. The cheapest I found were the Coker's for $175, which just isn't in my budget at the moment (kid on the way). I did find a brand that had 1 3/8 inch white-wall, which is currently wider than all the competition. The are $99, which I can do. I should finally be able to take the Plymouth to some local car shows now. So excited! I'll add the following updates to my first post. Updates: -6 new wheel cylinders -all new brake shoes -New rubber brake lines -2 new steel brake lines off the master cylinder -new master cylinder -replaced windshield wipers -replaced belt (had a tractor belt on the car) -fixed driver door lock (just took apart and put back together and it worked) -changed all fluids (seems to be self leveling with the leaks, lol) -added oil filter (was empty) -replaced rubber fuel line (started leaking in the garage) -added third brake light (6 volt led) -added rear turn signals -new battery (old one wasn't holding a charge) -cleaned up the trunk -added USB mobile phone charger (yes, it worked on 6 volts) Still needed: -new tires (going to stay with the 215/75R15), would love to go full white-wall if the prices weren't so high. I have found some that have a little larger white-wall. -add turn signal lamp and socket to factory location -drivers door stop -new stop light lenses (seems to be hard to find) -new trunk lock (another hard to find, the ones I do find are so expensive) -wiring (may work on this this winter)
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