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  1. 49er... thanks for the link and the pointers on resizing photos. I'll give it a try, and I can always get one of my kids to give me a hand. The only problem is getting them to explain it in terms I can understand. I picked up a good pair of '53-up bedsides from a 116" truck, and I'm going to cut them down to 108" size. I have a short one for a pattern, but it's too rusty to be salvaged.
  2. Sorry guys, been out of the loop for a little while. Last week I got rolling on the '52 C, it's now on a shortened '92 Dakota frame... planning on a 5.9 magnum and 46re overdrive. The '53 C is pretty rusty and beat, so it'll probably become parts. My '52 B is a 3 window with a market-side box, and I'm going to wait 'til I'm done with this one (at least running) before I decide what to do with it. Yes, I need to learn how to post pictures.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Merle- I never considered that the 3/4 ton trucks would have had a wider bed, that explains a lot. Did that change the way the running boards fastened to the fenders? Or the running boards themselves? I'm pretty sure my B3C was a flatbed, as the boards stop at the back of the cab. Bluzhog- I've been meaning to pick up one of Don's books, just haven't got around to it yet. Sounds like tons of information there.
  4. Hello all, finally decided to take part rather than just lurking through your posts (I did pretty well, made it through about 400 pages the last couple months). Long story short, I've wanted a pilothouse since 1985, when I passed on the chance to buy one. As I was only 18, let's blame it on the ignorance of youth. I figured it was time last winter, and picked up 3 in a 2 week period... a '52 B3B, '52 B3C, and a '53 B4C, all projects. As well as 2 early Dakotas, which will donate their bodies to science (maybe). I've also been grabbing whatever parts I can find, and I've noticed the beds vary somewhat between the years. I'm aware of the Market-side beds (which my 3B has), and the switch to the larger fenders in '53, but was there a change in the early fenders? One pair I've got doesn't have a raised section across the front edge. Also, did they make the beds wider in '53? My '53 (and the '54 bed I bought) is about 4" wider than my '52s. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge, I'm still trying to process and absorb all I can.
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