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    1947 Plymouth P15

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    Retired High School Teacher--age 78--Algonac, Michigan
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    Clay Township, Michigan
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    Classic cars---antique outboard motors

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  1. thanks for all your help--- --problem was a bad themostate...
  2. THANKS A MILLION--for the information---you guys are great--got the problem fixed--bleeding the lines a second time plus a minor shoe & pad adjustment solved my problem---the entire job was not easy--but, I learned a lot from doing it---THANKS AGAIN 🙂 BOB WATSON
  3. help--just completed putting new brake cylinders including master cylinder--did adjustments---flushed the system--got air from the lines--BUT, THE CAR PULLS STRONGLY. TO THE LEFT---HELP---?????? Bob Watson---phone 810 335 7619
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