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  1. I dont have the original Engine (318 LA).
  2. I want to use the old original mechanical temp guage in my 41 Plymouth. The sender is to big for the hole in the intake and i need to drill/thread a new one, so my question is if anyone know what thread the original temp sender has?
  3. I dont like rat-rods, they suck. But i do like hot-rods and customs. My 41 will be built as i want it with a 318/904 and its already on its way. Yes, im in Sweden.
  4. I was supriced how light the steering was original.
  5. Im rebuilding this one with a 318/904 and 8 1/4 axle. Going for a 60s "strip/drag" look so i eant another steering wheel. The photo is the day i got it home.
  6. Im doing a 318/904 and 8 1/4 swap on my 41 Plymouth. I Think your 48 is bigger in the engine compartment, both wider and longer. The biggest issue is the steering box/tube, its a tight fit! I built a new firewall and my own exhaust manifold on the drivers side, the 904 trans is kinda small so the floor is stock. Also used the old trans mount to make my new motormounts.
  7. Hi. Ive got a 41 Plymouth Coupe and i want a aftermarket steering wheel like Grant. Is there a Wheel adapter that fits? Cant find anything for these old 40s Mopars.
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