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  1. Looking forward to being there for the first time this year. My 36 pickup is a long ways from done but I might trailer it there.
  2. Im using a Ford 8.8 from a 97 Explorer in my 1936 pickup. I bought it in Sacramento, CA and I was under the impression that most of these in the Northern CA area were 3.73:1. The spring perches were easy to modify to make them fit the 3.25" tube. After finishing mounting the Rear End, I took the pickup to a driveshaft place and had them make me a driveshaft to fit. My transmission is a T5 from an S10.
  3. You can get it at Aircraft Spruce. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/cat.php
  4. The bracket primarily bolts to what used to be the transmission mount at the bottom. I also made a bracket that bolts to the transmission between the main space and the tail shaft housing. There are probably lots of ways to do this but this is what I came up with. Bob
  5. I have kept all my original parts intact in case I ever want to go back to original. All of the mods that I have done are reversible. That said, I came up with a scrap transmission and used the shifter from that and welded it to the T5 stub. For the master cylinder, I am using a Dual master cylinder from a 97-2006 Jeep wrangler. I looked at a lot of master cylinders and this one was one of the few that would fit in the tight space. I made a plate to convert the three hole space to accept the two hole master cylinder.
  6. Thanks. I am using a Ford 8.8 diff from a 96 Explorer for a better ratio. Width and lug bolt pattern is identical to the original and I get disc brakes. I used the original e-brake handle assembly and made a bracket that bolts to the transmission and pulls the cables for the e-brakes. The fuel tank is from Tanks Inc and is 30"x 16"x8" for 15 gals. it fits nicely behind the rearend. https://www.tanksinc.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=216/category_id=133/mode=prod/prd216.htm
  7. I have a 36 pickup and I moved the crossmember aft by about 7 inches and I re-located the hole to match the transmission. Of course, that crossmember also is the front mount for the fuel tank so I also moved the fuel tank to behind the rear end.
  8. I agree with ken combs. This section is all about valve timing and not ignition timing. Even the specs themselves give a pretty wide tolerance on intake valve opening timing. You really need to be able to determine the exact TDC location on the pulley. Even if the pulley is marked, they can be off several degrees from the factory and should be checked for accuracy using the TDC of the piston at some point, preferable during your rebuild process.
  9. I agree with Peter. The guy was trying to say that aerodynamic drag had something to do with the dyno derived horsepower.
  10. Mine is 1 5/8". I believe my bell housing is a 1940 Truck. Maybe the 1 1/2" will work.
  11. Hi PT81PlymouthPickup. I have followed the discussion on the Master Cylinder change options and your approach seems the most reasonable. It's a bit hard to follow sometimes which cylinders work and which ones don't. I am going with a disc/disc setup on my 1936 pickup and I have some questions that would be best on the phone. Would you be willing to give me a call at 916-893-5419. Thanks. Bob Akin. California.
  12. I am interested in the shocks and shock mounts front and rear top and bottom. Please call me at 916-893-5419. Thanks. Bob
  13. I am interested in the shock mounts both front and rear top and bottom. Please call me at 916-893-5419. Thanks, Bob
  14. I've enjoyed reading of your progress thus far. Im in a similar place with my 36 Dodge P/U. Keep up the posts.
  15. Thanks Matt, I have looked everywhere I can think of but not found any current suppliers. Bob
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