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  1. "remind me photos" ha ha. i KNOW what those are! my phone is blocked with them. as a suggestion, download a free resizer app and it will let you resize a load of pics at once allowing you to easily upload many more pics. i for one enjoy looking thru somebodies resto pics. hey i even find myself going thru my pho e looking at my own pics of past restos. its the best part of the classic car life to me. and again you have a real beautifully done car. be proud.
  2. thtas a real beauty you have there. great work with the resto. im sure i speak for others when i say lets see some more pics! love to see the process of somebodys passion coming back to life.
  3. that is a really great look you have accomplished there. i am certain a write up would be MUCH appreciated by all. Im interested in the types of paint that you used. great job!
  4. we share the same reasons for attending car shows. my original 48 P15 gains alot of attention from old and you g alike because as some peoe say its a car theyve only seen in movies. but it IS nice to win a trophy lol. nice car btw
  5. thanks for the back up. i knew it created a vacuum as the piston came up. the old decrepit leather is not allowing that vacuum to take place.
  6. it doesnt create a seal. the leather is 70 years old and not creating an effective seal.
  7. i posted the same question a while back and got very little response. i still havent figured out the proper storage. however, since then i have managed to find an original jack for my 48 P15. i will posta pic tomorrow if i remember to get one.
  8. thats an absolute amazing idea. its an opportunity presenting itself to you. be a shame to just scrap it.
  9. i will check them out. thx
  10. I have to rebuild one of my carbs as the acc pump is not creating vacuum causing absolutely pathetic throttle response and the carb is generally in need of an overhaul. Where is the best place in everyones experience to buy a quality kit? and when buying what material should i be looking for the acc pump to be made out of?
  11. i have to spend some time looking at this hydro dipping. i really like the result in the first set of pics posted and thats pretty much the look i would like to accomplish. i also will be reading through"woodgraining thoughts" as i see somebody has ressurected the thread. i have about 4 months before the far gets put away and want to be ready to go by then with whatever method i decide on. thx for all the input and pls keep it coming!
  12. while summer is here , or at least approaching, i cant help but to plan out the work i plan on doi g to my 48 P15 over the inevitable winter months. One task which I plan on accomplishing is to restore my dash with a woodgrain finish. Right now its painted and while it looks good it is not what I want for my car. I will likely not try to replicate the original look which is nice but a bit dreary. I will probably chase after a more reddish and brighter finish. some ideas i had were to use a vinyl wrap but not if it comes out looking cheap. ive also been looking at actual woodgraining techniques but am not sure if i can accomplish a good look. curious as to what some of you might have done in your pursuit of a restored woodgrain finish.
  13. thank you for the congrats. heres a pic of the car as it showed at the firebird event. bit of a gloomy day weather wise but it was warm at least. i was among the first to show up so i managed to get a pic of her on the beltway by herself.
  14. I entered my car in a local arena car show last weekend and to my shock it took home a peoples choice trophy. There were about 60 to 70 vehicles, some in amazing high quality condition, and my car came out a winner among them. It was the first time I had ever entered a vehicle in a show and it was certainly the first time the car had ever been entered by anybody. I got the car this year and spent a tonne of time and energy attending to every detail that needed attention. Looking at the car when I got it and looking at it now Im sort of impressed myself how far it has come. And of course Im hooked on the shows now. I showed the car for the 2nd time yesterday, however that show was a model specific show with an open invitation for all cars to attend meaning there were no awards available for anything other than specific models, namely Firebirds. still fun nonetheless.
  15. my 48 has a replacement drivers mat like this one. it closely emulates the original but without the metal plate. it even has a little rounded edge on the outer part of the door sill that wraps over the sill edge like the original. it was done by a PO so I dont have any idea where the material was sourced. however, i will be trying to track some more down as the others are showing signs of deterioration.
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