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  1. Classic to Current ... ae JUNK !!!! dont waste your money ... look up this guy on facebook Gary Bauer Waukesha Wisconsin ... he sells on the 54 and older Mopar Page ... he currently has a 53 coronet fender listed .... I purchased a pair from him ...NOS patch panels from the 50's/60's ...
  2. I did the 8.25 /3.55 axle last year .... the swap was Night and Day for drivability ... last fall I picked up a R10 overdrive transmission from a 59 Plymouth.. it came with the bell housing I'm now waffeling on whether to install the R10 trans or get a A833 the second gear .. ratio in the 833 looks like it would be a better (around town ) gear match (aka) a long second Stock A833OD Effective gear ratios Stock A833OD
  3. My 53 Coronet has 7.10 x 15 tires ....I want to switch to 215/75/15 radials ... Last year I swapped in a axle from a Cherokee last year ... 3.55 ratio .....car had 3.90 gears.. the drivability change was night and day ... I live in SE Michigan which is relatively flat... with the 3.90 gear set 60 mph sounded (wound up )...now it cruises with ease at 60 Perfect for Michigan's 2 lane highways . In town ... with the tall gears 15- 20 mph second gear was done ....now drives 20-25 in second fine .... I also picked up a OD trans ... looking to be able to drive 70+ on the interstate
  4. who??? have you used ? I have a 53 coronet
  5. there is a reason they quit putting carburetors on cars over 30 years ago... I'm actually thinking 3.9 also but he only way I would do it is to get a whole truck like you did .https://www.hotwireauto.com/chrysler-harnesses
  6. learned something today ... I'll just take the pins out of my cylinders... not like there are thousands of people walking around with pre 1960 mopar keys that can open my car
  7. Go EFI !!!! https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/fuel_injection/sniper_efi/sniper_4bbl_tbi_kits/sniper_4bbl_tbi_master_kits_with_fuel_system/parts/550-511D
  8. spend a day making a part.... or spend a day driving the car .... Ive put Ten Thousand miles on my car in the last 2 summers ... guess what way I would do it
  9. race track still there ? this looks cool https://www.iloveny.com/listing/international-motor-racing-research-center/2427/
  10. you will need a bell and trans Like I have in my 53 coronet ... and according to (Andy Bernbaum )at { https://www.oldmoparts.com/ } is pretty rare
  11. did the same today ... will be adding stabil or seafoam to the tank and putting it aweay next weekend
  12. I upgraded my brakes to disc in the front (scarebird) and replaced the rear axle with one from a cherokee ...along with a dual reservoir master cylinder stops fantastic !!!! this winter I will be rewiring the car & adding a over drive transmission ... and I will be going 12 volt... negative ground... r10 o/d I just bought is 12 volt ... the car had Coker bias ply tires... the look cool ... but ride terrible ... I'm switching to radials
  13. I have a 53 dodge without the fluid drive but my bellhousing is super long
  14. So what have I found came from a 59 Plymoth with a flathead
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