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  1. first shocks I used were monroe ... the number crosses over to Chevrolet C10 recommended by he the maker of the relocation bracket ... that turned out to be Wayyyyy Too Stifff....they were not bottoming out ... Round #2 I used mounts from Speedway and fabbed plates to mount them on along with their Street Rod shock... now rides like Butter !!!! https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Speedway-Short-Gas-Filled-Tube-Shocks-Black-Painted,2183.html https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Stainless-Steel-Upper-Front-Shock-Bracket-Unpolished,3331.html
  2. did a shock upgrade... Score Michigan roads...1 Shock mount ...0 lets see if version 2.0 lives
  3. have fun bleeding both wheel cylinders on each front
  4. I didnt get any pictures... but there was a late 30's Plymouth coupe with a Desoto Hemi at the Detroit Autorama this year ... fit like it was factory
  5. Upgraded to disc and used a Cherokee Axle
  6. I have literally new fronts I took off my 53 if you need to match up or see how its supposed to go together
  7. I recently swapped out my rear axle on my 53 from 3.90 gear s to 3.55.... previously 50 mph was the sweet spot ... now its 60 mph ... when I finally get a Over Drive trans ... 70 mph will be easy
  8. I'm about 100 miles south ... I have a couple friends who were directly affected whats crazy is I looked into buying on Wixom Lake back in January , but didn't .... the lake is now GONE ! Several rivers flooded due to the rain storm monday .. over 4 inches of rain fell flooding also on the Rifle River in Arenac County closed US23 in Augres and the Tawas River in Tawas City in Iosco County washed out the Rail Line that serves the Alpena Cement ,and Rodgers City Limestone Quarry .
  9. in my plans the single piston M/C was the to go ...
  10. good Info ..the one in my engine is in good shape .. I might just order one and install it next winter
  11. I've been making serious upgrades to the 53 Coronet Drive-ability by changing the rear axle to lower the final drive ratio from 3.90 to 3.55and with doing that it allowed me to have self energizing brakes on the rear ....the 53 brakes were friction ...also increased the drum size from 9" to 10" and shoe width by 1/2 inchUp front I installed a Scare Bird Disc kit and fabricated a mount for a dual piston master cylinder ... wonder if I should add a line lock while I'm at it ...the 90 hp flathead will never, be able to do a burn out... but it would be nice to have for hill holding ....Swapping out the axle required having a new drive shaft made...this swap is getting expensive ...this thing had better stop on a dime with 3 cents changeDisc kit...$429.58Rotors ...2 @$37.99Caliper...2 @$22.99Pads.....$43.99Drums ..2 @$55.99Shoes...$34.99MasterCylinder..$48.00Distributionvalve $45.00hardware,hoses misc..$150.00cherokee axle $125.00driveshaft..$459.60sub total..$1570.10
  12. if You're gonna do Glass packs ..... the longer the better https://portermufflers.com/ https://shop.patriotexhaust.com/patriot-exhaust-components/mufflers-and-inserts/patriot-smithy-s-mufflers.html
  13. what carb is that ?????
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