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  1. Mark, Looks fantastic. One question, are those adjustment slots on the horizontals so you can adjust the height on the new mounts?
  2. I intend to start a thread when I get that far, though I probably won't get serious on that until spring. My plan is to drive the donor in its current for while I rebuild the running gear so that will be done when I am ready to do the conversion. It doesn't help that I lost the head gasket on my daily driver last week, so the donor is my new DD until I get that fixed.
  3. I pulled the drawings on the 2wd and 4wd S10 frames a couple weeks ago and they are different enough that you won't be able to use the same Code 504 kit on both. That said they are similar enough that I would not anticipate any issues building a similar set of mounts to use the 4wd frame. I was confident enough in that conclusion that I picked up a 96 4x4 to do exactly that. My plan is to spend the winter driving it and fixing up the running gear into top notch shape, then do the body swap starting next summer. I will also be watching this thread to see how the Code 504 kit works out.
  4. What transmission are you planning to use?
  5. That looks like a solid concept. I wonder why you have to use the 2wd frame with 4wd axles. I will have to look at the frames some more.
  6. Those are the two I am looking at as well. I am leaning toward the scarebird at the moment.
  7. Which front disk conversion are you doing? I am looking at doing the same thing but am not terribly impressed with any of the conversion systems I have seen.
  8. Is this correct? If so, finding a set for my C1B might be much easier.
  9. I am looking for the side glass. The C1B is the 54/early 55 version. I keep hoping to find a vendor that knows what glass to put in these, but the shapes they show don't seem to match the truck even when they give a year, so I am hesitant to order them. Thank you for the offer though, I appreciate it.
  10. Where did you get the glass? I am looking for a set for my C1B, but not having much success.
  11. Thanks. I will check them out.
  12. I am in Boise as well. Who did you have do your media blasting?
  13. Back when I was redoing a C3 corvette, there were several version of the FSM available, but several of them had known errors and were not recommended. Is that an issue with the dodge ones? If not, I will probably get the CD. I have a screen set up for digital media in the shop and I print out sections of the digital ford book when I need to write on it or climb under the truck with it. Thanks for the feedback!
  14. I am looking for a shop manual or equivalent for my new truck. Thus far, I am seeing reprints of a couple different versions. Anyone have feedback on the best book to get? Either one of these or something else? My intention is to rebuild the truck with my son.
  15. I picked up a 55 C1B a couple weeks ago and have been spending my time cleaning things up and checking it out. In poking at it, I discovered a knob on the dash marked overdrive with wiring that goes down to the transmission. I have been trying to find some info on what this might be and the only thing I can find is an article on allpar.com about how 3-speed transmissions with electric overdrive were briefly offered on the C trucks. Does anyone know what this transmission was called or where I might find more info about it? Is it particularly uncommon? None of the gearheads I hang out with have ever heard of such a thing, but most of them are not Dodge people.
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