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  1. Back when I last played with mopar 6&v8 engines 19550/1960 ,head bolts & gaskets were put on with out sealent. What is mostly done presently now? This is a 56 dodge 6 cyl.engine. Thanks to all that reply.
  2. I believe I wasn't real clear when I asked the question about the Desoto serial number This engine is in a 1948 Desoto. I thought there might be a listing of engine serial numbers what year that a individual number was used in. I suspect my engine is not the original engine. Serial # is239707 Thanks again for any reply.
  3. Hi New member here, Looking for range of motor serial #s for 1946 1948 Desoto. As near as I can tell my, number is 239707. Thanks in advance, all help is appreciated.
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