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  1. hears an old picture of before I got the engine out.
  2. he says he's got open headers, 129,000 miles, 4barrel carb.
  3. sorry picture of a picture, but this is what the truck looked like wen I found it.
  4. I made a model, only difference from this truck to how the real thing should look is the the paint is real patina on the real thing. it also has a cattle Gard made out of a model a bumper and a flat strap on top of that, its all torn apart now but I might be able to find a picture.
  5. my computers all messed up and I did it again! I think this ones right http://www.nextechclassifieds.com/listings/1707680/
  6. sorry it appears I got the wrong link on, this ons betterhttp://www.nextechclassifieds.com/listings/1708339/
  7. thanks for your info! in the with the listing it starts rite up and sounds good. I asked him how many miles through next tech but he hasn't responded yet. if I git the truck I plan to make a build thread.
  8. that 4-53t is going to make a cool truck. especially the sound!
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