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  1. Would someone with a parts interchange book please let me know which clutches and pressure plate applications can be used with my 56 Plymouth suburban ( which, I guess, makes a difference) 230 6 cylinder. The reason I ask is because I read the wagons used a 10” clutch and could use the same clutch as the V8 models? thanks!
  2. I totally agree with that look. The funny thing about the picture you posted is I think the Pistoresi Motors in the background was in Madera, Ca about 15-20 miles from me!
  3. Thank you for sticking with it! I now know what I need. Unfortunately, now I apparently have a set of 55 poverty caps I don’t need!😳
  4. My 56 is a wagon. Would that make a difference in style of wheel?
  5. Hello. My wheels are definitely 100 original. The poverty caps on the Plymouth above are the same in design as mine, but definitely larger in diameter and meant to go over the nubs. The ones I purchased are not as domed and have the interior lip.
  6. The strange thing is these don’t seem to fit my rims? There are some identical, but a bit wider ones on eBay that look like they would fit? I’m confused 😐
  7. I purchased this set of hubcaps today at a swap meet. They are the same design as ones I have seen on eBay and other internet sites being advertised for 55-56 Plymouth’s. These however are smaller in diameter than the others. Are there different rim options for 55 and 56 Plymouth’s? What do I have, if not Plymouth.
  8. I did and thank you for the info! I was just wondering if any other Mopar of that era are the same? I would think I could just change door handles between 55 and 56 doors couldn’t I? Push button vs pull handle.
  9. I was hoping someone could help me on this. I am looking for a good passenger side door for my wagon. I believe 55-56 Plymouth and dodge 2 door sedan doors will interchange. Are there any others that will fit? Thanks.
  10. I think I should have posted this in the classified section as parts wanted. My apologies. I do have question about the doors. Can someone tell which other models and makes have the same doors as my wagon? Thanks.
  11. Thank you for all the help so far on my wagon. I have replaced bad freeze plugs, found appropriate carb and fuel pump. Fired it up for the first time in 30 +/- years and it sounds pretty good. Things I need that I can seem to locate. fuel straps for wagons fuel tank sending unit (is it different for the wagon?) vacuum advance line for this odd 2 barrel set up. (should I just make one?) headlight bezels Plymouth letters for hood lip. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  12. Where does this Suburban fall in that lineup? Which Stromberg should I be looking for?
  13. Thank you for the fuel pump help. My next issue is the carb. I assumed my 230 was a 1bbl. when I got in there and looked, it seems its a 2bbl setup. I read that this is a rare setup? is that correct? The carb on it is a Stromberg ww 3-124 that comes back as 56-57 dodge? Is this carb correct for my application? Thanks again for all your comments and help!!
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