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    Project car is a Dodge D25-C, as I understand it a P-15 with Dodge trim and a big block six engine.


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    Ottawa , Canada
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    Boats, skiing

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  1. Of course if you aren't of a certain age, you won't know **** from Shinola..
  2. He was a radio actor first. If you retrn with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear you will recall "Hi-ho, Silver, away". ... "A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-yo Silver" Conrad narrated that one on radio...
  3. A pal in OZ sent me this apparantly from ~ 2006. Lot of bacon!! CAUGHT IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA You might think twice next time about wandering around in the scrub. This pig (check the attached pic) was caught in Australia , Roy Hill Station, via Newman.(Pilbara) They only caught it because their dogs were going missing - it was eating their dogs! And this pig is a sow, not a boar! There are reports of 5 metre (15ft) crocodiles being taken by these pigs.
  4. Make sure that the horns are good. I just replaced both horns for the same reason....blowing fuses. They can (and did) develop internal short to ground, especially if you live in a winter snow zone and they use salt on the roads. Just run a wire from the battery neg to the neg terminal on horn....just momentarily. If you get a hummm or funny "croaking", horn is shot.
  5. Wasn't that an episode of The Twilight Zone?...
  6. I am not sure that a drill press is the best approach....verrrrry tough to get an on-center hole when drilling that length. If you can access a metal lathe, chuck it up and drill from the tail stock. That way you will be on-center the whole length.
  7. ??? That is really bizarre. Can you say "WTF" in this forum?...
  8. I suspect the D-25 in AUS is pretty near the same as the Canuck version, D-25-C. I bought a CD version of the shop manual that is VG, and my Dad got us a repro hard copy. Not all that hard to find.
  9. Best T-shirt slogan I have seen in a long time: "I don't like YOU either!"....
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