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  1. Hi Greg, Been a long time. You probably don't remember me from Charlotte run, how many years ago. I think of you often as I can still taste your salt potatoes. You came to my home the nex t day. Hope your health is holding out as we age. Old age is fun, but the pain that goes along with it ant. It is unbelievable the parts that went missing but no use crying. I have found most parts but still need rear fender trim. Also need clips (retainers) that hold the lock mechanism in door. Hoping someone on site can supply me with them or even one so I know what I am looking for. I don't even know what they look like but think it is some sort of flat horseshoe clip. My title has engine # so thats no help in finding vin #. Fortunately the car had the original engine with this # which I still have even though I am not using it. Hoping state will give me a # with what I have. I thought the vin tag was round but someone tells me it is oval. Will have to make and stamp that with what ever state allows me to use. Enough of my problems, Good hearing from you. Billy
  2. Recently had my 1950 Plymouth in paint shop where parts somehow vanished. One of these parts was the round vin tag from the drivers post and from passenger side post. Does the one on the drives post have any lettering on it or just a number? Does the one on the passenger post have any lettering or numbers on it? If possible could someone please measure for me so I can reproduce them. THANK YOU
  3. 1950 Plymouth bus coupe🤠 While my car was in paint shop a lot of parts just vanished. I have found a NOS trunk handle, NOS basil and NOS lock but am missing a 1/4" square by about 5/8" long pin that locks the trunk. I am only guessing on this as I have never had a lock apart before. Could someone please send me a picture and true measurenent of this part then I could make one. Better yet does anyone have an old trunk lock that is no good? I also need to know what holds the door locks in the doors. Thanks guys
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