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  1. nc plumber - Thanks for that quick reply. I couldnt find anything in the "Shop manual for Dodge Cars" but to be honest i didnt know where to start to look. No doubt i will be back on here soon with lots of other questions. Car hasnt run for years before i got it. However have now manage to free off the engine and am starting the whole process of whats it going to need or not!
  2. Hi Guys - Hope you are staying well in the current world health situation. I know someone on here will know what the part is that is shown in the photo however i don't. I'm a novice on this sort of engine (and car to be honest) but with the lighter evenings and some extra time with the Covid situation have meant the Dodge is getting some welcome work. If anyone can assist that would be great. Thanks J
  3. Hi Simon, I will take on board the comments received. No rush in getting it roadworthy at present but with the current health situation we can spend a little extra time on it. Im in Hertfordshire. For parts have you had to buy most parts from USA or is there a little treasure shop in the UK that youve found? I will update here when ive made more progress. John
  4. Hi Guys, Just starting to go through my sons and I, 1940 Dodge Coupe to see whats needs replacing etc and as it has no brakes, i wanted to check the system out. How do you top up the Master Cyclinder? Im thinking a long neck funnel from the engine bay area or is there another way. Im new to these old beauties and after a very dormant winter have finally got energy to start this project off. The car i have originates from South Africa and is a D15, aux coupe, 1940. At present it doesn't run and hasn't for approx 15 years. Am currently pouring some "Marvel Mystery Oil" in through the spark plug holes down into the piston bores to try and release them. Will also be pulling petrol tank to check for any corrosion etc. We have removed the radiator with some effort but now have free access to the front of the block. Any pointers from people on here would be greatly appreciated as i see i'm going to be learning alot especially on a car that was never in the UK. Added some pictures just to wet the appetite.
  5. I have a 1940 Dodge Coupe that I will be registering here in the Uk very soon and am trying to piece together history/info on the car. I know that the vehicle has a Dodge Brothers Corp badge on the engine firewall stating made in USA and there is a body number D14 4058ASC. There are also some stamped numbers in the firewall as per the attached image which don't mean anything to me. I have found from earlier posts that there were 122 Right Hand drive cars of D15 spec built. Some information I have seen also states that there were some D14 cars built in RHD so I'm a little unsure of what I have? D14? or D15?. I have a serial no. plate on the right hand side door pillar that states 3937522, the engine no is D14-44910, and I have found a chassis no that seems to read P9 - 169502. If anyone has any information that can assist me or point me in the direction of where to start looking I would be very grateful.
  6. Hi Everyone and thanks for the responses. The car is definitely a US model as depicted by the Build tag on the firewall and was exported to South Africa, the engine number starts D14 so by the quite detailed info B Watson has provided I would say the engine might be a 201.3. As I have stated unfortunately the car is still in storage so I can not measure any detail or easily get more info at present, but I'm hoping to get "possession" of it very soon. I will post pics once its out of its storage and its gradual revival. Regards JJ
  7. Andyd, Sorry about the confusion yes you stated before that there were 2 differing engine sizes ie plymouth/dodge or desoto/chrysler. I haven't yet been able to measure the head length yet as the car is in storage not nearby but will try to get this. According to some info from the Classic Car Database http://www.classiccardatabase.com the vehicle i have may be a Dodge Deluxe D15 Special Club Coupe? As you can probably tell I'm still trying to gather what information i can so sorry if im a bit slow here. The data from this web site states that the car may have a 217.8 engine??? but this states that the wheelbase is 119inches. But i thought the D15 coupe was 117inch wheel base. Hopefully i will soon have the answer to what engine i have? A 217.8, 218 or a 201.3?? Thanka again for the help. JJ
  8. Hi Thanks fro the technical info here. The one issue that i seem to have is the verification of the engine size. According to the "Standard Catelohue for Chrysler 1914-2000 the export car has a 218cu in. 84 hp engine. while your info says 201.3? I'm definitely no expert and using only the info you, others and books available can offer but this one is confusing. Any further help greatly appreciated. JJ
  9. Hi Thanks for all this info. Looks like I have a D15 ASC one of 122 rhd made for export. There is no LC near the engine no. so mine might be the regular compression engine as you have stated. Haven't heard anything back from the Chrysler Historical people yet but you guys on here are definitely a grand source of really useful info. Regards John
  10. Andy thanks for the further info Andy Thanks for the information and I will definitely let you know if I intend parting with any parts I have got the Chrysler catalog but the reprinted version but hadn't read it properly. Take Care John
  11. Andy The car originated from South Africa and is indeed rhd. and i have attached some more photos here. Im looking forward to getting the car at least road worthy so it can be enjoyed. i will keep you all update on my progress and probably more questions on parts etc. etc
  12. Hi Thanks fro all the info here i will be contacting the Historical Service asap. Regards John
  13. Hi Andy, Unfortunately the information i have is very limited due to a relative mislaying all the documents and im trying to piece all the information i can from every and any source available. The car does have seats in the rear so the ASC i would presume correct. So following your information above im quite sure the car built was built in USA as there is a tag that says Detroit Michigan on it above the body number so it should have a 23" long 3 & 1/4 bore 217.8 cubic inch engine, 87bhp. Therefore the car should be 3569cc. Would the model be called a D15 or was there any dirivative ie business coupe, deluxe or other? Thanks again for the help so far and any further. John
  14. Hi All Thanks for all the replies. Seems like there is plenty of knowledge amongst you all to assist in my quest for info. The engine number is D14 - 44910. The body number is D14 4058 ASC and the serial number is 3937522. From the serial number i have ascertained that the car was produced in 1940 as the info i have points to D15 US made (having S. Nos from 3934901 to 3939123, with mine being in the middle of this range.) "Fat Bottom Girl" you have stated that the Chrysler History Group might be able to provide more info, do you have a web site or contact address for them? Again thanks to you all and anyone else that might have more info. Attached a couple of photos of how the car currently looks and the engine bay. JJ
  15. Hi I trying to get some details together for my 1940 Dodge D15 coupe to aid its UK registration. Does anyone know what the engine capacity would be. Sorry if its simple but i have no documents and my troll of the web hasn't provide me with any answers. I have the engine no but cant find any links that might provide me with its CC. Any help from the wiser ones out there greatly appreciated.
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