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  1. It did come with instructions. However the two separate kits have mounting issues that overlap and I’m looking for the answer to those issues re: steering arm bolts
  2. I recently picked up a complete eci kit and fatman drop spindles for my 48 p15 on Craigslist for less than half their value I am currently working on the install but have some questions which I couldn’t find answers to while searching the eci caliper brackets mount outboard of spindle. And the fatman instructions recommend tapping the steering arm mounting holes for there supplied bolts... in most disc conversions this would be fine as the caliber mount plate is sandwiched between the spindle and steering arm. It it seems like I should be tapping the mounting bracket instead now. Does anyone have experience with this exact set up? I had had also read somewhere that instead of having to bend the steering arms that you could use two of the same instead. But I cannot find that thread again, any help, pics or links would be greatly appreciated
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