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  1. Unfortunately, I didn't do 20 years, I did my time and got out. Still have many connections with old sailor buddies, have been a contractor for the AF, and now in Civil Service for the Army. I'll get my total 20+ years in time. I was a BM3, before I got out, USS Blue Ridge, LCC-19
  2. Happy Veterans Day to everyone, and THANK YOU for your service!!!! Got this picture last week while at a conference for work, was good to see some Haze Gray again after 20+ years. Thank you.
  3. Brad, Thanks for the info, my wife and I have decided we're going with a green and grey color scheme of some sort. She picked out a green that is used on the Michigan DOT trucks for some reason. I'll be showing her yours though. Keep plugging away. Eric
  4. I definitely prefer doing frame, suspension, fuel, and brake work without the body and engine there. So much easier to get at it really good. I've been using 120 grit flap discs and 3" wire cup wheels on the grinder. Makes a mess, but gets it done on budget. The sheet metal is all pretty solid with some expected areas on the cab front floor boards, and some areas on the bottom of the doors. Otherwise in great shape. The orange will come off with a DA and get smoothed out. I do have a couple areas of concern with farm life cutting it here n there, along with some dings that will get hammered out on the rear fenders. For most part though, very solid.
  5. What color is that green? Looks really good. Thanks. Eric
  6. I agree, there's a ton of info on this site, has definitely been a huge resource for planning and learning of what hidden items to watch for with these old trucks.
  7. Thanks for letting me know pics are coming up, guess this network I'm on right now doesn't like the hosting site.
  8. Planning to keep stock interior, and do a 12v upgrade. Are this pics showing for others?
  9. Well, after passing my 1 year anniversary on the forum, I decided to finally start a build thread for this long-term family project. We're plugging away, but as always life gets in the way. Just wanted to show progress so far and start the journal here. My amazing wife and I have a plan to update this truck on safety stuff, with some comfort stuff too. Our plan is to try to keep as many original parts as possible and enjoy it as a driver moving forward. Plans include: RustyHope front disc conversion, rear axle swap to a 3.73 with disc brakes, seatbelts and other misc items. Ultimately we want to keep the era showing outside and under the hood. I know some purists maybe upset, and I formally apologize at this time. Our extremely slow progress so far:
  10. Looks great!!!! Keep plugging away.
  11. Didn't want to stir a pot, but thanks. www.autoglassics.com 541.579.0372 Owner: Dustin Thorsby
  12. Looking great, keep up the updates and pics!!!
  13. I found a new glass resource for the unobtainium '54-56 windshield. Very reasonable prices on any needed flat glass. Found it on FB, send me a PM for additional info.
  14. Thanks for the info on options to swap out, and differences to look for. I have reached out to Charlie with Rusty Hope, and he indicated that his kit will work, provided the current spindle has a certain measurement for the inner bearing. Will be pulling them off to measure here shortly. Have to fix the kids and wife's car first though.
  15. I'm currently debating between the Rusty Hope, and the Scarebird kits. Just trying to nail down some info though.
  16. I have a '54 C series, and I'm looking to do the front disc conversion. Does anyone have a parts manual that would list the PN # for the front spindles used on a C series and B series. Trying to figure out if different spindles were used or not. I know the bolt pattern, and rims size difference is already there, and not an issue with doing a rear axle swap too. Just curious if upgrades listed for B series will work on my existing spindles. Thanks for any assistance. V/R Eric
  17. Well, I didn't get to hook up with anyone from the forum, but I ran across this at a car show 20 miles from the hotel today. Really nice guy, not on the forum, was a '36 and it was clean.
  18. I'm outside KC for the weekend doing training at work, and have an open weekend if anyone needs some extra hands or wants to sit around and shoot the breeze about these old trucks and cars. I know it's short notice, just let me know. Thanks Eric
  19. That's a good find, especially from upper Michigan. Just spent a week in Hillman at the family cabin in late June.
  20. After 2 weeks vacation, I come back and catch up on all the progress. Interior looks great, along with all the little touches here and there. Happy Birthday too.
  21. I also looked at the website and found a few options that I thought would work too. One I liked best from the Spaenaur catalog was PN# 096-001 and 096-002 from the DB Series.
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