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  1. Something is better than nothing, when it comes to throwing something together. Keep it moving.
  2. My 2 cents. My truck got parked in '73 in an Arizona field and barn, until it was moved to a barn in Wyoming in 2008. When I tore mine down this year, I found the T-stat housing had rusted out and all the coolant passages where full of rust and grime. I've flushed the head a few times, and the block a few times to get as much as possible out. The machine shop will be doing an acid dip to kill it all internally. I will say though that when I pulled my head off for the 1st time, all my pistons, cylinder walls, and valves looked better than pictured above. The pistons have some carbon build up, the intake valves had a little too, and the exhaust where all stained white from leaded fuel. If I was in a pinch for a replacement engine to rebuild, I would probably pull the trigger on this one. Even with the drive, call it a weekend getaway.
  3. A little Forney set up, it's only a 125, but it'll get the job done with flux-core wire. Had another set up years ago with the gas, and hated that I couldn't get a good bead if there was breeze with the garage open.
  4. I know that any parts I don't need in the future, you probably already have, but I'd be happy to kick in what I can. Eric
  5. Glad the Wrangler MC worked for you!!!! One to keep in mind moving forward when there are clearance issues. I'm still leaning towards the small booster/MC option for myself. The vacuum is the issue with my planning, and possible execution.
  6. Great info, glad the weather let up for you. Started snowing here today again. Worked on resume for promotion, and tried out the new welder on some scrap to get back into the swing with it. Wasn't sheet metal, but still good practice for the welding needed in the future with spring perches, and floor pans.
  7. On a second note? Is there any known alternate sources for a timing chain/gear set besides DCM?
  8. Okay, so some tools arrived today from Amazon, managed to get the correct puller on the steering wheel, a few adjustments, and some torquing on it. Then, POP it came off. Steering gear is pulled from the cab! Steering wheel is hanging on the garage wall for time being. A couple side notes, if anyone comes across the steering wheel situation, let me know, the tool is yours to borrow. Plus lil man took 1st place in his wrestling tournament today! So it was a god day.
  9. Yes, it's found a new home. Apologies. Eric
  10. Thanks all, this manual has found a (soon to be) new home. I didn't want it sitting on a shelf here, when others could use it.
  11. Thank goodness it's not mine, but someone got carried away with some flammables, and I don't think it was a cat stirring the pot.
  12. Doubtful on the white cloud of smoke, but other stuff probably...... LOL
  13. Any B4 Series owners out there that could use a "Free" shop manual, please PM me. I got it with my truck and finally ordered the correct one for my C series. Just want to pay it forward to anyone that may need it with their truck. Thanks. Sorry if I'm pushing the limits of something being free. Eric
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