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  1. Might find some helpful info in this build thread.
  2. We replaced all but one rear seal under the rear output shaft. I believe it's the retainer for the lower shift rail of gears, didn't want to mess anything internally up.
  3. I found the 4 speed gasket set from Vintage Power Wagons, was reasonable and all correct. They are cork gaskets, when I installed them I still applied a thin coat of RTV for my peace of mind. It actually worked out because my kids got extra credit in COVID schooling for doing it. I don't have any input on pulling the parking brake drum. Sorry.
  4. Got the cab pulled off again, and put it back on the stand I'd made before. It was just tucked in storage under other parts and couldn't get a picture. Should work out ok with setting in on the back after I get the door reinforcements in.
  5. I'm learning that! Mine is apparently a very early C series. My entire drive line was built between May '53 and September '53.
  6. Nice looking truck, funny how some of your patina looks the same as mine around the windshield area.
  7. I'll keep that in mind. Fortunately I'm what you'd call "vertically challenged" at 6'5" reaching certain things isn't the problem, it's folding into certain places for working on things. If memory is right when I removed the center section of hood, I pulled the 2 rear bolts while standing at the front of the truck. I appreciate everyone's input too.
  8. Did you guys but reinforcement in the door openings at all?
  9. I just got tie rod ends for my '54 from Rock Auto, I had to search for them under a '53 though. They fit perfectly with my Rusty Hope Conversion. Only thing I needed to do was shorten my tie rod itself by 1/4" on each end.
  10. Thanks for the input on what you did. I'll try to get a picture of the "cradle" stand I built for my cab with some scrap materials at the house when I get home tonight. I can't upload pics to the site from work.
  11. When you say cradled in a dolly, do you mean on the outer sides, the main contact points, or did you build a special frame? Thanks for the input so far though.
  12. Los_Control, as I sit now, I'm down to a rolling chassis. I have my cab sitting on the frame now, simply for storage purposes. My intentions of getting all plumbing, and frame stuff done prior to final installation of the cab after it's body worked, painted etc. I'm also in an extremely dry and hot climate too. When it comes to "undercoating" I haven't fully decided what option I'm going with. As for floor repairs needed, there's a seam on the pasg floor where the firewall meets the floor, and a couple small open holes in the pasg floor. Really not as bad as it could be. I'll work on some
  13. Moving along with things, and getting ready to start working on the needed floor repairs, and getting the underside of the cab cleaned up, sealed and undercoated. Looking for some pics or suggestions of how to get at it. I tried the search function looking for cab floor and found 117 posts with the term, only 2 pics of cabs. 1 on the firewall, 1 on the rear which option is better and why? Looking for some more pics, suggestions. I already figured I'll need to put in some bracing between the A pillar and B pillar to keep things square. Thanks in advance. Eric
  14. Brad, You are correct the cab was removed for awhile, we set it back down on the frame to save some space. As for the rust, it's 98% surface rust, there's only a few actual cancerous rust spots on the entire truck.
  15. Well, it's been awhile since I posted any progress. Been slow going, but managed to get the front clip pulled apart. With some help from Brad, the Rusty Hope kit is mostly installed. No need to install caliper and pads till the MC and brake lines are ready for install. Got some work done on the frame too, all but under the cab is now painted. Still waiting on my donor rear axle to become available. New tie rod ends are on order, then we'll figure out the next step in the process.
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