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  1. Hope not too, was 1st time doing 'em….. Time will tell.
  2. Got the block tanked through a self service shop at work for $20.00 and 2 hours of my time. Just need the machine shop to do measurement on cylinders, honing, and measurements for bearings.
  3. Got the freeze plugs installed yesterday, used the adhesive sealant during install. Also got the block painted with engine primer. Still gotta get it into the machine shop, but small steps forward is something.
  4. Never knew about that trick. Thanks.
  5. Alright, it's been awhile since and update. After learning that the vinegar rust removal works amazing on the head the block, and few other misc parts, I'm getting ready to install the freeze plugs before priming the block as a preventive. I've done TONS of research on the forum for best practice with this,, and found the Permatex #2 is a great option, but also doing JB Weld...... I've got those 2, plus the black adhesive sealant maker to use..... Looking for some more insight. JB Weld....(permanent, PITA for any future problems), Permatex #2 .......(never worked with "non hardening" before. How reliable?), Black adhesive sealant maker......(I see as a possible "middle of the road" between the 2 previously mentioned.) Advise??? Please and thank you. Once in primer the block will head out to the machine shop for measuring, honing...... Yes, I'm a "flippies guy" when I can..... Stop laughing at the first pic of my toes. LOL
  6. https://www.vintageautogarage.com/ <------ 12v conversion kits, voltage reducers, alternators, other electronic parts
  7. Nice! With what looks like original gauges, are you running a 12v Generator?
  8. 1 of a pair, correct. Front and rear bed stands to keep fenders off ground? Chin up bars for Elf on the Shelf competitions?
  9. Thanks! I'm not crazy from looking at my diagram either. Weather is supposed to be nicer this weekend for the school project/credit to happen. I ended up going through Vintage Power Wagons. PN# TSGSS24, Complete Synchro Trans Seal and Gasket Set for vehicle type D, '56-71 M37, (Early) was $28.50 for all parts needed, plus some. Very happy. Thank you again.
  10. The gaskets arrived today. Now for the dumb question, last week I pulled the parking brake rear flange off, and found it to have 2 gaskets...... With the new gasket set arriving I'm seeing a few that look to need have a double gasket provided. Why would there be a double gasket without a shim? Seems like a "double gasket" would be a highly potential leak???? Please advise... feeling a bit dumbfounded before doing a tranny update with my daughter to cover her auto shop credits.....
  11. Managed to get it sitting almost level, I can deal with it, as a better work platform. Could only hit 3 of the 4 mounting holes with my engine stand. Got an email out Vintage Power Wagons on gasket set with my case number, still waiting on a reply.
  12. I love the search on this forum, found this thread with great info after cleaning up my trans today and finding the casting number and date for my "54. Scraping and wire brush to discover the info........ Now for the rebuild/refresh. Totally stealing the engine stand idea too. LOL Figure I can get the Transmission done with the Engine heading to machine shop. Thanks. Eric
  13. Fresh pics of my exposed rear frame spring mounting points. Front: Rear: Overall:
  14. The bigger hammer definitely did the trick on this one!!!!!
  15. Hate to say it, but now I don't feel so bad with finding as much grease, oil, dirt, and gunk stuck all over my drive line and frame. it's been a slow but steady clean up process on all the parts. Good Luck, and keep up the good work. Eric
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