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  1. Thank you for sharing that Mack!! I was looking for it but counselor find it. Mike from what I understand I can offset the 5.3 slightly to the passenger side to use original steering, but I’m considering the fatman r&p conversion as my steering needs a little attention (has some nice play), and rear exit headers with custom exhaust should do the trick. Also I’m pretty sure the firewall has to be moved back a little bit to make everything fit right.
  2. Thank you sharps40, I know one member here falcon has his done like this but I haven’t heard back yet. But from some of his replies else where it seems I’ll have to do the same with my firewall. As for the above semi negative comments I believe you’re reading my comments on the “naysayers” and taking it the wrong way...,I wasn’t trying to be harsh or rude, I just get tired of the no don’t cut up a perfectly good original and so on. I’m doing the same thing hot rodders have done for years....taking something and making it better with what I’ve got. But I can assure you guys I wasn’t trying to be an a$$hole there.
  3. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of negative feedback on this, but with that being said if you don’t agree and or get mad please keep your comments to yourself as it’s my car and I’m building it to suit me not you! And for you nay sayers the original drivetrain will be kept and packaged accordingly to save it. I am pulling the trigger on doing an LS swap in my 48 coupe...will be using a 5.3 truck motor with 4L60 trans. I’ve seen on a couple posts here of a couple people doing these with stock front suspension. I’ve emailed those people but have gotten no response so I thought I’d post my own. I’m looking for some tips and tricks on getting the motor/trans stuffed in the car. Mainly will the truck oil pan and front accessories work or will I need to swap out for the LS car stuff?? Also steering options will it work with stock steering or will I need to change to after market?? Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks
  4. im looking at some different fueling options for my 218.......one route is a dual carb setup the second is a 2bbl holley sniper efi i ran across....the efi is really the way i wanna go but im not sure as to if it will "over fuel" the 218. the setup i found is for a jeep cj 258 i-6 with the specs of fuel pressure: 58.5psi with 100lb/hr 58.5psi injectors. i also plan on a split manifold header from reds and possibly an aluminum finned head from montana speed....still in the planning stages of all this so any and all input is greatly appriciated. as i would like to keep the original motor in it and just "hop it up". thanks everyone.
  5. Thank you Mark, so far so good with them...went right in and did raise it up honestly a little to high now haha but the ride is so much better.
  6. Thank ya sharps40, I love the sound of a flathead don’t get me wrong but I’m these days and times you need a lot more bogey to get out these crazies way. I’m a trucker by profession and it still amazes me at the crap ppl do while driving.... i spent a lot of time with my dad and papaw in the garage, the way I see it if they’re into cars they will be to broke to do drugs haha. Plus they are very good tool fetchers.
  7. Dr, i appropriate the support !! I wanted to be different then everyone else at the car shows so I got a Plymouth and to make it even more different it will be ford powered instead of the “cookie cutter” chevy drivetrain haha. The ultimate goal is to pass it down to one of my kiddos to be determined still which one..... maok, time nor money is being robbed from my family, my kids are in the garage with me learning and “tinkering” on the car as much as they can. The entire reasoning behind modernizing the drivetrain, suspension and brakes is to ensure optimum safety for them to ride with me. I don’t care how many attest to “perfectly adjusted” drum brakes will never out do power disc brakes in performance or safety in my opinion.
  8. I traded a 63 mercury comet custom on air ride for this car....but thank you for the water pump info, the 5.0 I’ve got is from an explorer along with the aod and 8.8 3:73 posi disc rear. Another forum on this site was talking about an 8.8 was a great swap as far as size and such for fitment.
  9. Knuckle, this is the car I chose to build. Why start with a rusted out pile when I have a very nice cherry to start with ? So I’m not keeping it original that’s part of hot rodding is it not ?!? As far as cutting it up as I stated before I am looking for upgraded suspension to retain the original kingpin ifs I’m not sub framing it with a mustang 2. The car will run 70mph now but in short bursts, it runs out great but as I said I want to be able to drive it long distances at highway speed if necessary. (Driving the entire length of Route 66 is on bucket list while my grandfather is still kickin good and his 48 Ford is still able also late model running gear) the Ford drivetrain swap is simply because I already have everything that’s ready to go and built the way I want it. The car will be just as it is but with fresh re-paint, better running gear (😉 sorry couldn’t resist taking that stab) and overall safer brakes.....now I could understand if I was going to chop top and other radical stuff but that’s no where near what I wanna do...as far as knowing more then you I highly doubt it if I did I wouldn’t of posted asking questions. Now ask me if I enjoy seeing the mopar feather ruffled with the idea of a Ford drivetrain yes I enjoy that just as much as you guys love seeing a mopar drivetrain in everything. At the end of the day like others and myself have said it’s my car and I’ll do what I please with it.
  10. thank you Andy ! And very nice ride sir !!! Los I can assure you any and all original parts will not be scrapped...I kept the 8ba flatty out of a 49 F1 I had for years in the garage until I sold the truck it went with it. The original drivetrain will be preserved as best as I can to keep it with the car as with everything original that comes off it. And only the 49-51 Fords are shoeboxes the 52+ aren’t. I just sold a 50 Ford myself still flathead powered and all....
  11. Thank you Steve, I’m not looking for a speed demon either but I’d like to be able to comfortably keep up with my grandfathers 48 Ford and several friends cars as well 46 Ford, 37 Lincoln zephyr and some others. All are Modern drive train.....now if I was to come across a vintage hemi I would definitely rather go that route haha, but seeing as the majority of hot rods these days are gm powered I figured I would go a different route.
  12. Cookie cutter shoebox ?!? Lol nothing cookie cutter about a shoebox....as far as my fab skills I can do quite a bit actually but choose not to do the main welding as I would rather someone that does it daily or has for a while do that for me. And thanks mr story, great looking car man....I can see I’ve ruffled feathers already seeing as ppl taking stabs lol but hey that’s part of the fun pissing other ppl off huh....one of the reasons mine will be ford powered!! It’s a shame though that people can’t simply keep their negative ************** to themselves. Oh well...here’s my coupe...was cut springs but I’ve replaced them with Aerostar springs and raised the rear up 2” couldn’t drive it that low.
  13. Los, I’ve not had it to long, the flatty seems to run out good I just put a new fuel pump on it, it still has a slight carb issue but over all runs out good holds 40+ oil pressure. The car was restored in the 80s I’m guessing judging by the blue velvet interior lol but I’m not a fan of drum brakes especially with my kids in the car.....and as far as married to the motor I’ve already got it and everything to drop it in minus mounts and such as I had it built for my 50 ford but never stuck it in I kept it flathead v8 powered
  14. Thank you Aj, I know this pisses the “purists” off and even more so because Ford drivetrain but, I already own the ford drivetrain and is already built the way I want it so I’m saving a lot by not having to source another drive train. The only vehicles I would keep 100% original are those of historical or great rarity the rest I build to make me happy and to be safe and fun for the kiddos
  15. keep your smart ass comments off my post “dude”....I thought this was a place to ask about things and people actually help out or share their tricks and tips... evidently I was mistaken.
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