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  1. Is the goal to run fast or smooth? Personally, I’ll like to get the rpm down so when I cruise on the highway, the rpm, noise and vibrations will drop. Now I run 50mph but not for long due to the inconvenience. If I do this with over drive or change of rear axle? Still planning…
  2. Hi, My valve is missing the thermostat spring (or everything that are supposed to be inside) and I was thinking to do a quickfix and just lock it in possition. The question is: -Which possision is best? max clockwise or max anticlockwise? Stock P15, 1948 Just driving in summer... Can this affect the problems I have with the car being difficult to start if the motor is hot and I park for a while? It´s smells gasolin and I need to crank longer than normal. Or do I need a thicker bakelite gasket or/and a heat shield betwen the manifold and the carburator?
  3. Hi, I got an old worn universal roof rack that fits for example old beetle, which I cut apart and widened until it fit the width of my P15. I like the round shapes to fit my cupé. In the picture it is mounted a little far forward
  4. If you keep/modify the bump stop so they can carry the car if air bags are emty you can drive the car to service.
  5. 2" block in the back and 1turn of the ciol in the front.
  6. Hi, Thats my car on a car meeting in Stockholm/Sweden! The roof rack was for my summer vacation last year but now it rest in my garage until next time I need to bring lots of stuff with the car... Now for this summer it´s 2" lower, there is more pics on Facebook (P15 Plymouth 1946-1948)
  7. Just a question from a amateur... When you write "1 coil cut out in front" is it one turn/lap on the coil that you cut of?
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