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  1. I am about to reinstall my window regulators. If I remember correctly, the nylon washers should go on each stud on the outside of the slide tract next to the round retainer clip. It only had one very thin nylon washer on it when I got the truck and it's beyond re-using. The only replacement washers I could find are about twice as thick as the original. Is there supposed to be a washer on each side of the tract or just one on the outside ( next to the door skin ). Can't find any pictures of a complete assembly. Any help appreciated. Thanks. Steve.
  2. Thanks Dan. Got to checking around and decided to use DCM Classics. Gave me a good deal on the channel and a GREAT deal on shipping. Will probably use them again for other parts I might need. Nice friendly guys there too. Thanks again and Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. Steve.

    1. Dan Hiebert

      Dan Hiebert

      Steve - You're quite welcome, and thanks.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours as well!

  3. Another question on my window glass channel run. Does anyone know the " correct " size flexible channel run to use on my 53 1/2 ton side windows? What I have in there now appears to be 5/8 wide x 9/16 high in some spots and 1/2 x 1/2 in other spots. I know what's in there now is not original. Any help appreciated and thanks in advance. Steve.
  4. Peen

    glass channel run

    Plymouthy Adams. Thanks for your reply. My 53 has the stationary channel that screws into the door just above the cover opening and at the top just behind the wing vent. I'll take your advice and see what I can come up with to make it work. Was really hoping there would be a standard replacement for it. Thanks again. Steve.
  5. Just removed my side windows from my 53 truck to repair the regulators. Everything went smooth except-when I removed the 1 1/8 x 7/8 x 15 inch window channel toward the hinges I noticed that there wasn't any felt left in the channel. Just the thin piece of sheet metal with some residue that is riveted to the main bolt on channel. Can't find anything on line to tell me if this is a special piece of felt channel this size or can I use something else like the regular felt channel used for the rest of the door? Any help appreciated and thanks. Steve.
  6. Hi Guys. Can anyone tell me where I can buy rear leaf spring axle u bolts for my 53 1/2 ton? Have to repair ( weld ) the cracked shock absorber mount that bolts onto the spring / axle with those u bolts. Was able to get one off but unfortunately had to cut the other one off. Could probably still use that one but would feel safer replacing both of them. Size on rear bolt near as I can tell is 6 1/2 x 2 5/16 w/ 1/2"-20 threads and square over top of the springs. Haven't seen any online this size. Any advice would be welcomed. Also does anyone know how to remove that shock mounting stud on this plate. I tried everything but a torch and drilling it out. Not really sure if it's a single hole thru there or not. Can't find a picture of one without the stud. Thanks. Steve.
  7. Thanks for the info. Apparently the guy who had this truck before me put the wrong shocks on it. The Gabriel 82065 is the right shock. Will be getting those soon. Summit Racing has four of them for about $112 and free shipping. Can't hardly beat that. Thanks again and have a great day. Steve.
  8. What I have now is 20 1/2 extended, 12 1/2 collapsed and 11/16 mount. No numbers on shocks. Don't know if this is original or what original is supposed to be. Doesn't give dimensions in my manual. Can't find info online. Can someone tell me what the original dimensions were supposed to be?
  9. Thanks but this doesn't help me when I don't know what I'm looking for in this chart. Could you make it a little more specific as to what you think I should use on my truck?
  10. Can anyone verify the correct shock absorbers for my 53 1/2 ton? Only thing I could find online were Gabriel GA 82065. Has anyone else used these or is there something better. Was also told that front and rear shocks were the same numbers. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Peen


    Hi. With the upcoming holidays I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. May God Bless you all. Also a reminder. When you get to be my age the first two things to go are your memory and your---uhh---uhh--I forget what the second one is. Anyways, Happy Holidays. Steve.
  12. Peen

    new headliner

    Wife and I just finished the new sun visors to go with my new headliner. Passengers side is actually a drivers side that I "remanufactured" and it does work pretty close to a regular pass side visor. Plates were made of masonite and I made them a bit larger than original. Hope you guys like them. Comments?
  13. Peen

    new headliner

    The vinyl shower liner material is actually called FRP Panel. ( embossed fiberglass reinforced plastic wall panel ) They make two thicknesses. Be sure to use the .090" inch. I used stainless steel to make the three ribs on top but I suppose you could use 3/32" x 1 or 2" inch aluminum bar stock or something similar. The stainless worked really well though. I left about two inches short on each end of the ribs for plastic only so it can slide in above the sun visor lip and attach to the back above the window. Also used two short ribs on the side above the door to hold that curve shape. Tried using liquid nails but it still needed to be pop riveted on each end of the ribs. Use the flat side of the panel for material side. The pebble side is real shiny and doesn't adhere well to glue. Made my panels a little too big to start with so I could tweak them in a little at a time for a good fit. After installing the top I used cardboard mockup for side panels and then transferred those to 1/4" plywood. If you drill the mounting holes first you can make the plywood a little bit too big also and then tweak that in so you will get a good fit using an ice pick for hole locating. Tried to keep my holes in the plywood about an 1/8 of an inch below the mounting holes above the door so that I could force the panel up slightly for a good fit. By the way, mine actually looks better in person than what the photo shows because of the glare from the camera flash. It's not near as silvery as the picture seems to show. It is a little bit darker. Hope this helps and good luck with your project. Steve. If I can be of any help let me know.
  14. Peen

    new headliner

    Used a 4x8 sheet of vinyl shower liner material from Menards ($25) After making a cardboard mockup I transferred it to the vinyl but had to fasten some stainless steel straps I found at a local salvage yard in order to hold the shape. ($14) After spray gluing some rubber flooring material on to that, I spray glued the suede material I got from Joann Fabrics ($12). Hadn't planned on doing around the window at first and had to buy more material to finish my project. They didn't have any more of the first material I got so I used a slightly darker color for around the sides above the doors. ($10) Actually looked better. According to the Mrs. ( and she's always right ) It was made so that it can be taken out with just a few screws so that I can paint the inside of the cab next spring. For around $70 bucks I am happy with it. Glad you guys like it.
  15. Peen

    new headliner

    My new headliner for my '53 pilothouse that I designed and installed myself. Yes, the side panels are a little different color for contrast. Would like some comments please.
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