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  1. Thanks for that. I know nothing about these boxes!
  2. Hey guys. So the problem is in the box. All of the steering components are tight. I have all new tires. Now I am going to bite the bullet and take the car in to the shop. I work 6 days a week. I have no time! I'm bummed about not doing it myself.i just wanted to thank all of you for your great ideas. Speaking of great ideas do you guys recommend going with an Edgy cylinder head if I want more power? Or an overdrive trannyfor highway use? I love this car and I want to build it up enough to keep up with the times.
  3. What do you mean by the preload? Btw I am ordering a manual.
  4. Ok. Do you recommend pulling the steering box out and rebuilding?
  5. Thanks for everything guys. Tomorrow weather willing i am going to check out a number of things. Is the horn ring assembly hard to get off? I would like to check to see if the wheel is loose. I have actually run into thus problem twice. On a Studebaker sitting on an S10 chassis the steering had an inch of play. I tightened the steering wheel nut and the result was zero slop. Btw how much play should the 46 Special Deluxe have at the wheel?
  6. No movement on the pitman arm while moving through 3 in of slack.
  7. Thanks so much! You guys are awesome. I had a friend turn the steering wheel while I was under the car. As soon as my friend got through 3 inches of slack turning right all of the steering arms were tight. Only the joints rolled slightly with no play. Same thing to the left. I have two new tires up front and will have two new on rear Saturday -- all matching tires btw. I checked the steering box adjuster and it was tightened all the way to the right. But I haven't jacked the car up yet. I will do that Saturday and pull on the wheels a bit. Thanks again to all for helping me isolate this problem. I was also thinking of a front brakes upgrade while I am working on front end. Do you think that's wise?
  8. Hi. Thanks for your tips. I did try adjusting the box and it is all the way tight. Where it would be to adjust for zero slack. What should I look for if I have someone turning steering wheel so I can watch under the hood?
  9. I will check all steering connections and box as you suggested. Thanks very much.
  10. Thanks a lot guys. I recently bought the car and the steering and brakes worked well. Then I was driving it and suddenly the steering went loose. 5 to 6 inches on the steering wheel. Then a week later the front end started vibrating and it felt as though the front right brake piston was sticking. I changed the old front tires to new tires to start bottom up. I took it on the road yesterday. The car pulled back and forth at 25 mph like a speed wobble.
  11. Hey guys. My steering box just loosened up suddenly and now there is 6 inches of slack! Did the worm break? Should I just get a new box? Thanks!
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