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    1946 special deluxe
    1954 chevy 150 series sedan
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  1. Im right outside of houston
  2. Frame is in good shape. If youre interested shoot me an email.
  3. My build is close to finish. Ill be scrapping a frame, suspension, motor and trans if anyone needs them!
  4. David T


    Lol, thats exactly what i was thinking! So funny. Who does that? Im currently in process of trying to figure out which one to use.
  5. David T


    Now i need to figure out what kinda alternator this is....
  6. @Mark D not sure. I bought the car last year. From the tags it hasnt run since 2010. The previous owner was trying to restore but ran out of time/$. @DJ194950 okay. Well hopefully it didnt damage motor. I put some marvel mystery oil in cylinders
  7. I know what black and tan plugs indicate. What is green?
  8. David T

    Fuel pump

    Seemed like it was fairly easy....
  9. David T

    Fuel pump

    Getting closer to a start. Fuel pump looks like ots gonna be s bitch tho
  10. David T


    Super cheap price on that kit. Im ordering one now
  11. David T


    That sounds like a good plan!
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