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  1. Its more that I think of some people that are attracted to vintage iron are also technologically adverse. Sure some of that is a preconceived notion based on stereotypes, but there is a grain of truth in it. I'm still a bit surprised at the number of people posting on this thread in a short period that they build their own machines. It seems quite high. Its not a bad thing at all though. I was fortunate that we had a PC when I was young. I took an interest in computers in elementary school, and my parents had a need for one with the businesses that they ran at the time - so they bought one
  2. I'm more or less forced to use Windows 10 to natively use some of the software that I use on a daily basis (namely SolidWorks). I used Win7 right up until I couldn't any longer. We have been on Win10 here at the office for some time.... and honestly I am not noticing that big of a difference between it and Win7 - but its all corporate controlled. At home - I notice some differences, but not enough that it bothers me. I also have a lot of the crap turned off, that helps immensely. I've messed some with various flavors of Linux and I honestly could see myself using Linux Mint on a daily basi
  3. I still call it Don's car. lol I've done nothing but fix a few minor things and continue with much of the work that he already started. I was glad I was able to keep my promise to him and get the car on the road while he was still around to see it in person. I certainly miss the chats we had both before and after I picked up his ride.
  4. I have no idea how I missed a couple of these threads. I'm glad I could put a smile on Don's face a few times while he was still around.
  5. I think my IND 265 has 5 blades, but I need to go look at it to double check. Its had some damage from a bent radiator shroud, so I wouldn't use it.
  6. To further add confusion - I was under the impression that the Industrial engines were red - hence the Chrysler Industrial Red that you can buy in the paint isle today. Many of the industrial ads also showed red engines. Granted those are ads and not actual photos. I'm also pretty sure they would paint an industrial engine any color you wanted if you ordered enough of them. That red "Spitfire" engine with the red ribbing on the bottom of the block looks industrial in origin.
  7. Correct. They are going to build up the road base before the chip and seal. They learned their lesson last year when just chipping and sealing a road with a crappy road base..... they are completely redoing it.
  8. Well the equipment started showing up today to rework the road base in preparation for the base coat and chip and seal.....
  9. Link works for me. You know how badly some people list and describe things online. To them everything is an F100. This particular one comes stock with a Jegs 350 crate motor. lol
  10. I want to take a moment and just focus on this. I'm 39 years old and have had the luxury of being in antique vehicles and antique tractors since I was young. I bought my first Pilothouse over 25 years ago. My first antique tractor was nearly 30 years ago. Almost all of my life I have had conversations with elders about how good it was that I was interested because the hobby (pick whatever) was dying. No one "young" was interested. In the three decades in antique tractors and over two decades in antique vehicles I have found that to be utterly untrue. The hobbies themselves change and quite oft
  11. You might be right that there is some correlation - but YouTube demographics might also have to do with your specific videos, your presentation, your style, etc... You present in a way that attracts that specific audience. If you presented in a way to attract a larger audience you might also deter that group from watching. Just some armchair thoughts from a 39 year old considering making new regular videos because so many of my friends from across demographics have been pushing me to do it because of their own YT revenue. What is your YouTube link? I'll see if I can't help those numbers
  12. If you take a look at your carb there is a rib cast into the top that goes over the float bowl. In the side of the rib at the top there will be a stamped number - that is the model number of your specific carb. It should be 3 or 4 digits and a mix of letters and numbers. B&B made so many different versions that more or less look identical that there is no way to tell without starting with that number. And quite honestly even with that number, there is nothing saying that your carb wasn't built with a bunch of mismatched parts over the years. A lot can happen over decades. These car
  13. Here is a few random photos taken around the farm over the last decade or so that I had on my social media. Unfortunately its not very photogenic right now - all the trees have been removed from along the road because the ash borer killed nearly all of them. All the ditches are freshly planted last fall from major rework in prep for chip and seal this year. We heavily use cover crops in the farming rotation over the winter - but we spray them just before planting corn in them, and the two big fields along the road just got planted last Friday. I was wanting to get the car or an antique tractor
  14. The road less travelled for some is the road I travel all the time! LOL My farm is on one of the last gravel roads in my area of the state of Ohio. The township I live in has 3 roads left that are gravel, there are no other public gravel roads in the county or surrounding counties left. My road is getting chip and sealed this summer and next summer the last of gravel roads in this area will be no more. I bet I would need to travel 100 miles in any direction to be on one.
  15. All of the lighting on the P15 with the exception of the hood ornament is updated. Headlights are Halogen with LED turn signal rings built in (also LED daytime running lights, except they are not wired in yet). All the tailights/ brake lights are all LED. The only thing I haven't done anything with yet are the marker lights on the grill - they will be LED marker/turn signal lights when finished. I find that you can't signal too many lights or have too many brake lights with todays drivers..... make yourself seen. Shortly after I got the P15 on the road I was over at a buddy's place helping
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