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  1. I'd spend the extra money on that old TV. It won't collect all of your browsing information, shows watched, things purchased, whatever and send it back to the company to be fully cataloged, cross referenced, and databased just to be sold to whoever wants to try and sell you things.... That being said - we have the same issue no matter what we do anymore anywhere.... buying something at a store with a credit/debit card, surfing the web, even posting here, there is probably some bot scalping information on us unsuspectingly. *goes and puts on tin foil hat*
  2. Not sure how I missed this thread. I've had a garden since 2016 and have developed it a little more each year with various aspects. The main vegetable garden consists of 2 4'x16' raised beds of cultivated soil that consists of composted materials, lawn clippings, cow manure, etc.... its this awesome lightly and fluffy soil that has taken quite some time to develop. There is also a row of hops plants. The GF and I cultivate a few pollinator friendly flower beds such as this guy: And just because I never want to have the excuse for a bad crop - I
  3. In 1996 I was 14 years old. My dad and I had been talking about finding a 5 window Chevy pickup to restore/modify for my first vehicle. I was always into old iron of all kinds - dad was into antique tractors and just went with it. We had barn/shop space and I was already doing most of the upkeep mechanical work on the farm equipment, antique tractors included. Anyway - one day we went to an estate auction where the individual had owned several John Deere dealerships. Tons of parts and literature from decades ended up his farm and that was really why we were there. Sitting in "junk row" in
  4. Don't forget about the possibility of using a Ford 8.8 axle - the width can be found that is correct - and they are plentiful, cheap, and strong. I'm a proponent of swapping both the axle and transmission - mostly because when going to something like a T5 you lose the emergency brake, which a new rear axle can give you, plus upgraded brakes, better ratio, locker, etc... The Ford 8.8 I have in the shop right now cost me $100 - it came out of a Mercury Mountaineer and included the entire rear half of the frame and the driveshaft. It has 3.73 gears, limited slip, and disc brakes. My experienc
  5. No one in the immediate household has had it, but I know several friends and family that have had it. Results range from mild to death. It seems that most I know report mild symptoms, some slightly more severe, and just a couple with extreme hospitalization, vent, etc.... I just had an Aunt and Uncle pass within 2 days of each other just after Christmas from it. My GF Tamisha works at the local health department and has had both of her vaccination shots. She helps organize drive through testing and vaccination clinics. My sister has also had both of her shots - she is a nurse practitioner
  6. This could be as simple as the float being set too high.
  7. I'd love to find me a 413. Add some wheels and a seat and have a hot rod. lol
  8. I'm a firm believer that B&B carbs get a bad reputation because of the wide variation that exists in their options. There are a wide range of body and jet configurations that have great impact on how each one behaves. Add in a few decades of mixing and matching parts and I would be willing to bet that a decent percentage of them are actually mutts. When you get a Stromberg 97 - that is what it is. I'm guessing the Stromberg WW has a little more variation than that, but I would bet its no where near the variation found with the B&B carbs. I'm not saying they are the best carb, but t
  9. I do agree with this. At first I thought it might have been them simply evenly spacing the hemispheres and having some asymmetrical quench areas in each cylinder - but with the information about the displacements that has been located, its very likely that while the outside of the block looks similar, the insides might be drastically different. We might never know the actual truth of the matter.
  10. So - I found a gentleman that has a lot of records from the engine development program. He acquired them from the estate of a former member of the development team... and apparently this guy hoarded boxes of old development information. At this point, he hasn't found a lot about A-221, but here is what he does know: A-221 3.5" Bore x 4" Stroke 231cid (230.9) - This matches the description in the Chrysler Engine book as far as displacement goes. A-221 EX.6 3-19/32" Bore x 4" Stroke 244ci (243.5) A-221 EX.7 3-19/32" Bore x 4-5/16" Stroke 263ci (262.5
  11. I've never used a creeper/seat combo - but I do find creepers handy. I have one that gets used frequently. Also since I work on a lot of late model trucks - I have a top side creeper that is fantastic for working in a large engine bay without laying on the hood latch and every other uneven surface under the hood to reach what you are working on. Best seat I have in the shop for work is an old steel milk stool with a stamped sheet metal tractor seat bolted to the top of it. It seems to always be the right height for most of what I work on, and the tractor seat swivels easily with the single
  12. Also - a lot of the guys that claim "nearly free" are some of the early adopters of Tesla. They literally have free supercharging.... so as long as they recharge at a Tesla supercharger, they aren't paying for electricity.
  13. Doesn't answer your question directly.... but here are a couple of examples for cost of ownership comparisons. Your mileage may vary... LOL https://evannex.com/blogs/news/total-cost-of-ownership-tesla-model-3-vs-toyota-camry https://cleantechnica.com/2019/09/27/tesla-model-3-vs-toyota-camry-5-year-cost-to-own/
  14. Charging stations are literally everywhere around me. Lots of restaurants are near them, hotels, even tourist attractions have them now - so you can go, and enjoy the sights or whatever while your car charges. I know several people with Teslas - the most prolific driver that I am aware of in the group has well over 100K miles on his Model 3. He drives it everywhere he doesn't need his truck and is in and out of industrial facilities constantly with it. Does the high speed quick charge while grabbing lunch, or while doing a conference calls, returning emails, etc... right from the comfort o
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