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  1. Installing a Pertronix ignition (or slant six) by itself might not solve your underlying issue - particularly if your issue is that the advance mechanism (both mechanical and vacuum) are not working correctly. Going with a setup from Langdon gives you an entire distributor that is supposed to have an ignition curve that works well. Another option is to have your distributor rebuilt by someplace like Advanced Distributors. I have yet to use them, but they do solid work and have experience with flathead mopars. They did the distributor on the Belgium Dodge Brothers car that ran the Peking to Paris race last summer.
  2. I'm not worried that this fan will do that. It came off of a fire truck engine that has almost no run time. I do understand the risk though and should have made that clear for those that haven't seen that happen before.
  3. 2020 has been a cruddy year for me to get the Plymouth out. I've maybe put 100 miles on it just putzing around, but I am hoping to put some miles on it in the next couple of weeks on a couple of day road trips to Amish country. So ever since some of the mild overheating/stumbling issues that I experienced after running it on the interstate and then getting off and sitting at stop lights, I have been wondering why Don didn't install a mechanical fan on the car. I looked it over a couple of times and couldn't see why - and last night I was in the shop and had a few minutes to spare. I stole the best fan blade that I have off a spare engine and physically tried to put it into place.... it was snug, but looked like it would fit, so I just went for it. After fighting with it for a few minutes due to fat hands and fingers and not a lot of working space, I had it installed. I only had to remove a cross bar that went along the top of the back of the radiator that mounts to the core support on both sides. It fits, its close, but I see no issues with it. I probably do a 100ish mile round trip test run to to the office on Thursday after the rain the next couple of days gets through the area and see how it works (or doesn't). I probably should have painted it, but that can happen later. I really need to refresh and detail out the engine bay. I still plan on doing some phenolic carb spacers - but simply haven't had a chance to gather up all the little parts and the thermal camera to really do some cool back to back testing.
  4. I'll have to peruse through his videos. Similar problems for sure.
  5. Well I unknowingly participated in IWOYTD. I'd post pictures, but I'm still early in mock up stages on my 1928 Ford roadster pickup (converted to a cabriolet). Its going to be powered by a 265 flathead Chrysler . Its a wreck at the moment... but as soon as I get the frame details ironed out (specifically how to stretch it all and make it look decent - stretched up front for the much longer motor, stretched out back because the cab is stretched so I'm not so cramped.
  6. I'm definitely following along. Fuel injection is on my list of wants for my 265.
  7. Very nice. I'll certainly follow along. I plan on adding fuel injection to my 265 at some point - I might get to it later this summer if work stays this slow.
  8. I had two D50s that we used around the farm years ago. They were handy little trucks. I wish I would have kept them and done this to one of them (one got pretty beat up, but the other was decent). These are getting quite hard to find in decent shape.... there is a good roller not terribly far from me that is setup for a big block for about $2K iirc.... maybe I should consider it.
  9. Deeply saddened by the news. Those early P15-D24 threads of his and the blue P15 with the "rivalry" with Blueskies were some of the reasons that stick out in my mind in my "early" years as a mopar flathead guy. Its those reasons why I decided to stick with them and really grow to love and appreciate these old hunks of cast iron that many would yank for a new V8 powerplant. Its been about 6 weeks since I had a conversation with Don. In fact i was just looking for some online presence of him over the weekend.... I knew he hadn't been doing well, but I was hoping for the best for him. I'm glad for all the interactions I have had with him over the years and that he was glad that I became the caretaker of his beloved P15.
  10. I just learned of this and came on here to look. Very sad deal - I was just figuring out a trip in January that would have taken me close to him - I was going to try and stop. I think I need this as a window sticker in the Plymouth:
  11. At least in my case its perimeter weeping. The plug I took out looks fantastic - other than it leaked around the outside.
  12. I just replaced a freeze plug on the P15. 1-5/8 concave. I went with steel because that was what I could get quickly. Less than $10 for a box of 10 if I remember correctly. I do have to pull the motor this winter and I am going to replace all of them as I have a couple others that show signs of weeping. I'm also going to put something around them to seal them up a bit better to the old cast iron - not sure if I am just going to go the route of some gray rtv, or more extreme and put a thin layer of JB weld on the lip and seat them into it. I am pretty confident that they will last significantly longer than I need them to if they get sealed appropriately. The ones in the engine aren't rusted, but they weep around the lip, stop that and all will be well.
  13. From the little bit that I have seen - it depends on the combine manufacturer. I've seen lots of Massey's with 251 engines installed, and that might because they also used that engine in their tractors. Oliver Combines - I think were all 265 (I have one engine, and have only seen 2 from this application, so.... ). I would definitely verify it either way, as anything is possible with the amount of time that has passed since they were new.
  14. The POC might have an idea.... but how many of us aren't members? I know I'm not, even though I have the application printed out. I just need to send it in.
  15. I mean how could that not be fun? I would still rather have the A57 - it kinda fits in better around here these days. lol I mean there is a tractor, a power unit, several engines, lots of trucks, and a car all flathead mopar powered.
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