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    Married 3 grown kids, 3 grandkids, love Jesus
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  1. Cool ! Finally able to upload a picture of my 52 ! Thanks. This beauty spent its life on the Mt. Home Idaho AFB. Has 57k original miles and runs and drives like a dream ! Lots of looks and thumbs up ! It's a boyhood dream come true. I intend to leave it in it's original "patina" ! I figure it's earned it !
  2. I'll shoot you some pictures this weekend If I can figure out how to load them up. Its always saying the files are to big. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, been awhile since I've been on..... Life..... I need some help. I just snapped the end off the column shift rod on my B3. Any one have a line on a replacement one ? I'm not sure if welding and maching the old would be strong enough ? Any help would be appreciated !!!
  4. I'll post some pictures as soon as I figure out how !
  5. Good morning, I'm a new member and long time dodge lover ! Looking forward to joining in on this site ! My current project is a 1952 dodge B1B. Its a driver that spent its life on the Mt. Home Idaho AFB. It still bears the original markings. Looking forward to getting some tips on making it even better.
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