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  1. The high build urethane does goes on light years better than the epoxy, no doubt. Vin your '49 is absolutely beautiful. When the photos with the Yellow paint showed up it really showed the care you put into it. It's a standard Nicholas can aspire to for sure. I suspect he'll have a few more phases in his life where he can take his '47 to the next level. For now we're leaving three very important longer term issues untouched. The lower front cowl section up to the door wells really should be replaced some day. For now we are focusing primarily on structural reinforcement and
  2. Thanks, It still has its issues, but Nicholas is running into budgetary and time constraints. His help is running into time constraints as well. We're having to pick priorities. Right now we're in a race with the changing seasons. If the weather holds stat for a bit longer, we may see color on this body soon. That would clear his critical path for glass and interior.
  3. Still have no idea why these are loading upside down on this forum. Probably issue with my phone as older photos load correctly. Anyway, we applied Urethane Primer today. From the Omni-smooth (Eastwood) roll on kit. Of course we cheated and used the $30 HPLV sprayer from Harbor Freight. Our skills with the roller did not match up to the instructional video.
  4. Not sure why our photos are loading upside down now with the new software. Doors are back from sandblasting, revealing a nice little crease on the driver side. Going to be fun filling and sanding that.
  5. Our closest macco wouldn't take it. Anyway, I'm having more fun than Nicholas with this right now. He gets filling and sanding while I keep getting the perfect paint days while he is in school. This is another round of epoxy after Nicholas's first round of sanding filling and sanding. Same omniflow product we rolled on last week, but I invested $30 into a gravity feed gun at Harbor Freight. Much more evenly applied and less messy too. I suspect Nicholas has at least one more round of filling and sanding, maybe two.
  6. Now that's the kind of knowledge that only comes from real experience. Thank you for sharing. I cant replicate the collective experience of this forum for Nicholas. I can only pass on a since of skepticism as it relates to price points that seem out of line for the likely work as well as a habit of thinking through priorities, capabilities and self valuation as he considers what he can do himself. What ever value you believe your passing on to the younger members of this forum, I assure you that you're underestimating it by a wide margin.
  7. Time Left: 24 days and 18 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    We are looking for used gravel guards for the P-15. Don't have to be pretty or even un-pitted, just solid. If you have a set you're willing to part with, Nicholas and I are looking.


  8. Fender gravel guards for P-15 View Advert We are looking for used gravel guards for the P-15. Don't have to be pretty or even un-pitted, just solid. If you have a set you're willing to part with, Nicholas and I are looking. Advertiser NickPick'sCrew Date 09/20/2020 Price Category Individual Member Classified Wanted Ad  
  9. Notes about Omniflow epoxy primer coat, the first step in a DYI roll on this solution from Eastwood. Change rollers often. The epoxy mixes with the activator 1:1 which makes it rather runny, so expect it to be messier than you'd think with a roll on. It dried well enough to touch in about 2 hours and dried very well overnight. A more experienced painter may have been able to make this step go on smoother, but for us it will take more sanding than we have experienced with spray on primer, but again, it dried up well so it should sand well too. The bundled kit comes with one g
  10. Nicholas wont quite like that I painted the first three coats of epoxy primer while he was at school, but we drop into the low 60's tomorrow for about a week so I went ahead. That will allow him to try his hand at guide coat and sanding this week end. Perhaps contouring and seal coat when it's warmer next week.
  11. And if you start smelling the bacon frying...Well then take your bare hand off the rocker panel and put your gloves on.
  12. Dan, We plan on doing this with Nicholas's '47 soon after we get it driving. We were looking closely at Vintage Air as well. He has a '56 230 in it. If you could share the detailed pics and parts list, that would be great (NickPickToo or NichPick'sCrew). Info on the bracket would be most helpful as well as we haven't had much luck finding one.
  13. This notes for Nicholas who indicated I cant weld. I can get a in a weld or two in a pinch 😎
  14. I think Nicholas posted pics around two Christmases ago. The cost was donated outside his budget as a Christmas gift from his mom and me. Leather was sourced online, and we used a local shop for the work. I think the darker brown was on liquidation and the tan was moderately priced while both were rated as airplane seat material for whatever that's worth. We have leather from the same batch stored away for the panels.
  15. Exactly 😉 add that to the engine compartment space and your cruising 300+ miles a charge at normal speeds, or going 0 to 60 in 4 seconds if that your kick.
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