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  1. The pin in my diff has elongated its hole and have a ridiculous amount of slip. Is there a diff that I can just swap ?
  2. Finished sanding up to 800 last night and thru some thinner on one board to see what itll look like. Looks pretty nice I think
  3. Just milled up the running boards from some slabs of walnut. For the life of me I cant remember if the notch goes to the front or the back.
  4. Got wood bed all milled up. Going to use Rubio monocoat hybrid oil.
  5. I am woodworker. They are resawn 1/8" solid black walnut. Trees came from my property. They were felled a couple years ago. Nice old growth with very little sap wood. The visors are 1/4" with a 3/4" back for the brass to press fit into. So they can swivel left and right and up and down. Stay in any position. I ordered some patterns from Reg and plan on doing the rest of the panels out of the walnut. Wilm look real nice once its sanded and clear coated.
  6. Got the door panels done and the visors just about ready. Needs a quick sand and poly.
  7. That's a great idea for fishing the wire back through. Going to get at it this weekend. I've seen some pictures on here after I got some search results. So see what I can jerryrig
  8. I am wondering how to get the nut off with the horn still attached?
  9. I found a couple articles on splicing it to the new one. Going to give it a try. How does one go about taking the steering wheel off. It's got a few cracks in it and want to make a walnut one
  10. That something I can do? What type of shop would donit if it myself?
  11. If I bought the gauge cluster off Ebay. Can you get the temperature probe and line. The one on Ebay comes with a line on it. Looks copper. Not sure how it works in comparison to the ones with a sealed tube ?
  12. Swap meet Sunday. Hoping to find some gauges. The correct ones are square correct?
  13. Ordered the wrong straps. Back they go tomorrow with new ones sent out soon. Got the dash knobs done and installed. Looks decent. Going to get my neighbour to make the ignition nut as he has a lathe. And I have no thread tooling for the cnc at the moment
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