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  1. Hey guys! I am just about to get my flathead 6 cyl. back from the machine shop and I was wondering if anyone has a pdf on how to rebuild the engine. Hopefully, it would have all the information to ensure the engine runs good. My project is a 47' Plymouth Sedan! Still wondering if I am going to finish it after the engine is complete.
  2. Hey guys, I own a 1947 plymouth P15 and was wondering what I paint the inside of the engine bay. I believe the side panels within the engine bay should be black, but what about the body that is under the hood? Thanks
  3. The cab is not too bad. I just had a lot better one that saved me a ton of money.
  4. The body is completely stripped. I have all the doors and everything off the car. I'm in Millstone NJ. Also let me find some pictures.
  5. Its the body of the car! Sorry, have the habit of calling it a cab.
  6. Hey guys, I just recently removed the cab on my 1947 plymouth and replaced it with my better cab. I got this extra cab now and was wondering if anyone knew a good place that would buy a cab like this in the NJ area? Or if it's a good idea to just scrap it? I am getting impatient with the cab sitting in my backyard collecting dirt. If anyone could help or give some info that would be helpful.
  7. Thanks this actually helped alot!
  8. I was wondering if classic car shops or shops that sell parts for antique cars will buy parts from you? I don't know if people already do this or this is something that does not happen, but I was hoping if anyone had any ideas or previous experience! I got a bunch of P-15 parts that I'm trying to get rid of in one clean sweep and not sell individually over eBay!
  9. Awesome, thanks for a few ideas and insight!
  10. Hey guys, I got my 1947 Plymouth Sedan in late July and finally got it all stripped inside and out. One thing I was wondering was what to do for the interior! The interior was non-existent in the car but I have the frames for everything. What is the best thing to do for an interior in this car? I was hoping for someone to point me in the right direction for an interior kit or just DIY it. Thanks, Dan
  11. Let me know what you need and I can see what I got. Write me at daniel.leisher@gmail.com
  12. Most definitely, please email me at daniel.leisher@gmail.com This is the thing I want to get rid of the most.
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