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  1. It’s been unhooked as far as I know at the the radiator support area at the terminal blocks
  2. My problem is I can’t tell the wireing in the car it’s so bad I had to use some tape and zip ties to get the back lights working and when the last guy had the car he took the horn as well so the wireing is all hooked up under the dash but all unhooked in the fenders and my dimmer switch is gone as well
  3. When I got my 48 Plymouth the headlights wireing was unhooked and if there’s anything to help me hook it back up without taking to get it done ?
  4. Where can I find a wireing harness made just for 1948 Plymouth sedan, need the whole kit ,and stuff that’s in the car is no good ? 6v only
  5. My problem is none of the numbers match the ones are on the resources page on my serial number
  6. I have a serial number question i can’t find what year is my Plymouth or where it is made can someone help me out ? It’s 12070743
  7. When I bought the car it came with a D 50 carb and it works really well and I still rebuilt the original one but I’ve cleaned it up it looks really good
  8. Finally got it running and I’m so relived it works probably gonna replace the carb CD71064E-B1B4-4DB1-A5FE-5A08FC7AD0E3.mov
  9. Update I’ve done some work with the distributor because the points weren’t opening and put a make shift fuel system in the front and I started it and the muffler was bad so I took it off and got some new tires and and working on the brakes as we speek it’s coming together real well, more pictures soon ,may need help finding some parts and I’m in western North Carolina
  10. So today I got my first project car a 1947 Plymouth p-15 sedan if that’s right I’m 16 and this is all new
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