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  1. You are correct. I just went home and measured the head and it’s 25”. It’s an LA built car, so the engine was replaced. I was told it was original when I bought it😩 It’s a 49 Chrysler 250. Thanks for everyone’s help in pointing that out.
  2. Hey Everyone, I just picked up a 47 Plymouth club coupe. Still original drivetrain. Runs good, but shifting is another story. It goes into all the other gears ok, but 2nd to 3rd is a no go! Can someone point me into the right direction on what needs replaced or adjusted to fix this problem? My other problem is with the butchered up 70 year old wiring under the dash. Took it down to the gas station to fill her up, got 1 block from my house and I got flames behind the speedo. Got that put out and drove it home. Got up today to see which wire was burnt (I think it was going to fuel gauge because now the needle does not move) and moved some wires around up in there and had more sparks! Disconnect the battery and will order a new Ron Francis 6 volt wiring harness. Last question, how fast would this stock car scoot down the road? Thanks
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