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  1. Mine does the same thing, will be interested to hear a response. Although I think someone posted in another topic they use form-a-gasket?
  2. Bingo! thank you very much!
  3. Good catch, I will check that! I have new connectors and that is a definite possibility I hadn’t thought about! now I can’t sleep on that, back to the garage I go!
  4. A quick question, I have a ‘47 WC and I am running into an electrical problem. At some point someone added a second taillight. Hang with me here...Whomever did it, took the OE unit and put it on the passenger side and put the new one on the drivers side. I have replaced the entire wiring harness. One lamp was always dimmer than the other side, despite new bulbs and wiring. The original lamp lens is a dark blood red and the repop much lighter. So I bought another repop to match. The new unit takes an 1154 6volt bulb. The original and repop took an 1158. Is it possible this would cause the brake lights not to work together? thanks in advance.
  5. Does anyone know if Dodge balances their driveshafts? I am doing my ujoints and rear differential seal. I decided to clean it up and came across this interesting mark. My first thought was POR15 but I certainly didn’t put it there. Then I thought perhaps it was where a weight was? There are no weights anywhere on the shaft and the vehicle is original. Thoughts? Edit: 1947 WC
  6. Can anyone help with a picture of the bottom of the door on their WC(or other Dodge truck from that era)? I am wondering how that is supposed to mount because it don't look like the seal I got would be the proper size. Thanks in advance. Al
  7. Merle, Thanks for the pro-tip! I have built project cars before but not on something this old and I've thoroughly enjoyed the learning curve. Al
  8. Thanks for the response, this was a case of too much information(on my part). It was an exceedingly easy task and everything worked out perfectly. As for the clutch, I am capable and have all the tools. I just didn't know if it was an easy job. I have a friend with a '50 Chev truck and it looks simple but is a pain in the rear. So I thought I'd ask before I started the project. Thanks again for the information. Al
  9. I just finished making a complete wiring harness for my 1947 WC, it is all original. I also bought and installed a new voltage regulator. I have not hooked it up as of yet because I also put in a new battery box and battery cables. My question is, how do I polarize my regulator? I want to make sure because I don't want to ruin a perfectly good regulator(expensive). Secondly, how difficult is it to put in a new clutch on the 218? Thank you in advance, love this forum! Al
  10. Oh that’s a beauty! also, I couldn’t find your ‘47 truck build thread.
  11. I ended up making my own, or am in the process. I just finished the lighting harness two days ago, I plan on doing the under dash one tonight. At this point I don't plan on putting turn signals in but I did run a second taillight. I'm not opposed to turn signals, just haven 't done any research on keeping it 6V with signals.
  12. I think I posted a picture a couple years back. I’ll check your thread out for sure!
  13. Update: I ended up cutting the old line and splicing a new wire in. I took the housing off only to find an additional housing inside. Two of those screws would not come out. So I called it even and spliced the wire. Here it is all cleaned up. Note: I am fixing everything on the truck and then leaving it as is, original condition.
  14. LittleEd, I can certainly do that but That is less desireable...but we don’t always get what we want! LOL thanks everyone, I truly appareciate everyone’s input. I just made an all new harness for the lighting/gas guage/tail lights. Now I have to tackle the other half of that interior harness. Honestly, I am amazed everything works on this truck. After doing that, I know why they get $850 for a full harness.
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