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  1. I have a '41 Plymouth 1/2 ton. I can't verify 100 % that it's the same for 1940 but written information I received years ago from the Plymouth Club tech adviser was that the front sits on 3- 3/4 inch thick blocks plus 1/4 inch thick rubber and the rear sits on just the 1/4" rubber. I am currently putting everything back together on my truck to get all the gaps and clearances right for the front nose, hood, fenders and running boards before it all comes apart again for the painter and that thickness of blocks is working out good. That puts the flat part of the cab floor where the wood panel sets just off the frame rail a little bit.
  2. This is my '41 Plymouth that I've had since about 1969. My father got it in a trade for a mid '50's Chevy truck on it's way to the junk yard. It yard drove at the time but was nowhere near road worthy. I started working on it in the mid '70's but with kids coming along and work (construction) it kept getting pushed a little deeper into the "I'll get around to it" file. Retired now and moved into our new home it's time to get this project moving again. Bodywork guy's coming so I put the sheet metal together for fit and to give him an idea how it all goes together. Thanks for looking and being a carpenter by trade I'm gaining a lot of knowledge and information from this forum. Jeff
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