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  1. Thanks for your fast responses guys. This will definitely be helpful in troubleshooting. I also found the tech manual on these transmissions. I'll get out there this week and do some investigating and let you know how it goes! Thanks again!
  2. Hey guys, first time posting here and Im looking for some direction. I got my Coronet at the beginning of summer, and have done some general maintenance to it to get it back to cruising. Its got a 230 flathead with the fluid drive coupling into the gyromatic. I have everything going great on it, and the motor runs like a dream. I am at a loss though on getting the gyromatic to shift up into high gear. Ive read all the forums I can find on it, and have done everything up to completely rebuilding the wiring harness, and still no shifting. Im at the point to where I start replacing the sole
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