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  1. Understood. Its not a strength or gearing issue as much as brakes it seems
  2. Hello everyone, I am new ot the forum, and to this era of automobiles. Hoever I now own a 1949 Meadowbrook that I have begun to work on. I plan to (gasp) put a magnum v8 and 5 speed out of a ram 1500, which i understand is a somewhat common swap. My question is in regards to the rear axle. It seems that most people replace it when doing a drivetrain swap. My question is, is that necessary, or would the stock rear hold up? I not looking for a million-dollar ride, just something that i can learn with. Or is it worth it to take the Chrysler 9.25 out of the truck and narrow it/ put really backspaced tires? Happy to hear input.
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