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  1. Took my springs to a local shop. They seperated them, cleaned and removed 3 or 4 leaves. Reinstalled on the truck. New spring perches from a utility trailer manufacturer. New shackles. The pic is lowered rear stock front. Same process was done to front axle.
  2. Ran this for a few months before the piston on #6 broke up. Built the current engine from parts. A unknown block I traded for and 265 crank and rods from a irrigation pump that had a cracked block. It does run a little rich.
  3. Camped a bit in the Finger Lakes. Watkins Glen and Letchworth state parks both. Hwy 20 is a nice drive (after Buffalo) lots of scenic small towns and it gets you off the interstate. I also collect old farm equipment and have been to Canandaigua to their show many times. If we can get this Covid stuff over with and the boarder opened back up Tracey and I will be there.
  4. Hello Mr. Webmaster. How about that Dodge calendar? I'm shopping for 2021.
  5. Give me a day or 2 Brent. I will post a picture. Its not much to look at. A farmer cut the back off and left the cab behind a barn. It was a good buy. 2 sun visors, a drivers arm rest, original interior light and a bunch of other small parts I've used. Thanks for the link JBNeal.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Armstrong steering in the parking lots it will be.
  7. Has anybody ever tried installing the steering box from a larger truck into a 1/2 ton. I have a 49 B1B and a 49 what I think is about a 3 ton. Would the larger truck steering box make steering the 1/2 ton easier?
  8. I thought orange instead of red. I'm building up a 265 that will be hemi orange. The Fargo front bars are a little different. I used pinstriping tape.
  9. I used a relay. Some relays have a normaly closed contact as well as a normaly open. The key switch provides power. The N.C contact allows the pump to run. The car starts and builds oil pressure at the pressure switch.The pressure switch closes. The relay trips over, the N.C. contact opens and the fuel pump shuts off. Sorry if its a bit hard to understand. If you need I could provide a schematic.
  10. The engine was out of a 48 or 49 truck. I have not exactly determined the size of truck but it had a vacuum shift rear axle and boosted brake system. Could the baffles be for added durability for truck engines? Similar to the sodium valves in some truck engines.
  11. Not that I know their purpose but they were in one of my engines that I recently tore down. A 236 that I'm converting to 265.
  12. Southern Ontario. About 1 hr from Niagara Falls. Vacation is already booked for Sept. Tracey's Dodge for sure, Maybe my Fargo.
  13. It wouldn't be too late for me. Lots of nice cars and trucks from the guys on the forums. Maybe one calendar for car guys one calendar for truck guys. I would buy both.
  14. Its a great site bringing like minded people together. Thanks for what you do. As for fund raising how about an official P15 - D24 calendar? Anything Mopar is harder to find. Last years calendar was Ford this years is Chev.
  15. My Dad baled hay for several years with a 730 diesel that I put a cut down 6" transport exhaust on. Neighbours on the next concession liked the sound. Not just because of this but Dad has hearing aids now.
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