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  1. Tbh I had the cluster out previously to replace the reverse gears, the blocker stayed in the trans an I didn't notice that it hadn't lined up correctly when I refitted the cluster and the car hadn't been driven on the road since.
  2. No I removed the tranny, stripped the oil pump/rear of the case to allow removal of the cluster and found a sycro not located properly and rebuilt/refitted.
  3. All electrics work as they should, ditto hydraulic system. I pulled the trans today and found a synchro ring out of position (two tangs not lined up with recesses) corrected and refitted and all working now! Two and a half hours we'll spent.
  4. My '47 Windsor won't automatically upshift, I originally thought it might be electrical but I have checked the system and all seems well..... If I remove the interrupter and build the revs up in 3rd I can see the piston slide forward in readiness for a shift but it never actually shifts into top so I suspect the hydraulic side is ok also. I suspect that for some reason the shift slide (or whatever it's called) just isn't engaging. Are there any walkthroughs on inspection of this or will I just have to use the manuals?
  5. Hi and thanks for allowing me into the forum. We have just purchased a '47 Windsor coupe and will be certainly asking some questions along the way!
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