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    63 years old living in Sweden, own a Dodge Kingsway 51, assembled in Sweden back then
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  1. Hi Merle. Ok, thanks for the information. Might then be that this is a genuine and right gerabox for my car. Just little bit tired of the " short" ratio of gear 1 and 2. Of course is gear 3 most used while driving but after 80 km/h it feels like the engine will explode.....( smile). Ok, maybe thats normal with cars from 1950! Best regards Timo
  2. Hi. Someone out there who know by the picture if this gearbox comes from a truck or from a " roadcar"? Best regards from Sweden.
  3. Hello. Someone that could help me with identification of my gearbox number in my Dodge Kingsway Custom from 1950/51. Would like to know if it's comes from a "standard" car or from a truck? The car assembled in Sweden back then.Best regards from Sweden.
  4. Hello The Oil Sup. Thanks for the information. Found that the CC52PLY radiator would be the best choice for my car. In the list it will fit the Cranebrook and that's more or less the same car as mine. Best regars Timo
  5. 50net, I guess so. My car came to Sweden, in parts, in wooden boxes and was assembled in Stockholm. The name Kingsway was only used outside US I think. A low budget car even here in Sweden though it was a big compared to european cars. Often used as taxi.
  6. Plymouthy Adams,thanks for the information. Ok, now I know that this is not the proper radiator for my 50-51 Dodge Kingsway. Thats why the boltholes not match 100%. Best regards Timo
  7. Hello Andy, Why I´m asking is because this radiator is/was installed in my car but it´s leaking a lot. So I wounder if this is the correct model for my car since it dont fit perectally. I can live with that, only need larger washers at the bolts. I can of course send it to a radiator shop for overhaul, but it would be nice to know if this comes from a different modelor year. Can anyone tell me what the manufactor label at the radiator is, little hard to understand the letters? Regards Timo
  8. Hi Rich Sorry not, it's hard here in Sweden to get proper manuals and such stuff. Thanks anyway for your information. /Timo
  9. Hello. Anyone that knows about my cooler? Please see attached picture. Is this a original cooler for Dodge Kingsway 1950-51? /Timo
  10. Hello. How do you see the difference of a manual 3 shift transmission between a Dodge truck and a Dodge saloon cars from 1951, such as Kingsway, Wayfarer and so on?Is the design the same? Are there some numbers to look after. Sorry for the poor english, I'm from Sweden.
  11. Thanks for the replay and information. Seems to be different ruels in USA and Sweden!
  12. Thanks for the fast replay, so now I know there is nothing wrong, should have asked before taking it out......Grrr But whats the idea about that soulution?
  13. Hello. Having questions about my light switch. When I turn it one step the parking and taillight goes on, as it should. When I turn one more step the headlights gooes on, as it should, BUT then the parkinglights in front disapers but taillight stay on! I took out the switch from dashboard and test it, and the front parking actually disapers from the conectors when switc is in headlight position. Is that as it should be or is the switch faulty in some way? There are some letters on backside of the switch, P, T ,H and I. What doest they stand for? I guess P is for parking, T for tail and H for headlights, but what is I ?
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