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  1. I don’t have a picture for you but mine goes to the bolt directly behind the thermostat.housing.
  2. Inspired by John and Adam, I taught my friend how to drive the old Meadowbrook. It was completely different to finally ride passenger in the car.
  3. That’s the website to Andy Bernbaum. They are about an hour from me and I went there and saw him and he gave me the gasket that I described. He said that was all they had and it was a universal gasket. So I bought it and brought it home to find that it doesn’t work.
  4. My ‘51 Meadowbrook has a leaking rear window. When it’s raining I watch the water come down the window and then in the bottom rubber between the glass and rubber. It is causing problems with the cardboard, or whatever it’s made of, lid and the rear seat. I have checked Steele Rubber and they don’t make one. I have tried Andy Bernbaum in person and he told me that their gasket would work but it doesn’t. The rubber has a slot for the window glass, a slot on the other side for the pinch weld, and a slot for the stainless trim. The one that I was told would work has one slot for the window glass and a smooth side. Any suggestions?
  5. Essentially I’m trying to figure out why my Cadillac is vapor locking. I know this isn’t the site for that but it is a standard car issue and I have a ‘51 Dodge so I’m in the club but that thing doesn’t overheat anymore. I was reading the temperatures of the inner and outer radiator tubes and they are 209 and 185. To me that indicates that the radiator is cooling like it should. The water pump only has a couple hundred miles on it. The engine block was flushed. I’m not sure what would cause the heat in the engine like that.
  6. I have read so many different answers to this that I decided to ask the wise folks here. I am trying to see where my gauge is reading in relation to the engine temperature but I’m not sure where exactly where I should be pointing the gun. Some say to point it to the upper radiator hose. Some say to point it on the metal of the water pump. Some say point it on the head. Each one of those spots produced a different temperature, especially the spot on the head near the exhaust port. Is the coolant temp going to be the same temperature as the metal engine? Where is the best spot to check the engine temp?
  7. I found the rear axle spindle nuts to be a little loose so I tightened them and took it for a drive. Now I not only hear it in the back but I feel it. It happens between 10-20 mph. It goes thump thump thump the whole time, not just when turning. I went to look at the u-joints but they are ball and trunnion and I don’t know how to service or lubricate them.
  8. Let it be known too that I don’t feel it in the steering wheel when it is thumping.
  9. I see no bulges or cracks on either tire or wheel. I see nowhere where things are rubbing. But it still makes the thump thump thump when I am turning the corner at around 20mph. What pressure should the tires be at? I know originally they were around 28 but does that also apply to the radial tires?
  10. I see no places where it is apparent that anything is hitting anything. They are stock rims with 205/75r15 tires. They say that that is the replacement for I believe the 7.50-15 tires
  11. I have noticed for a little while on my ‘51 Meadowbrook that when I am turning while going slow, 20mph or slower, I hear a thumping or grinding sound coming from the front tire area. It makes the sound at both left and right turns. I have not noticed wear marks on the inner sidewalls. The shocks are not broken and are about 2 years old. It makes the grinding/thumping sound at that spacing similar to if you had a brake hitting a high spot on the drum but I have taken the brakes apart and that is not the issue. It also doesn’t matter if the brakes are applied or not it still makes the sound. Where should I start looking? What would generally cause this sound?
  12. How is the whole assembly supposed to look? This is the first time I’ve ever stopped to look at that mount. Did the rubber come loose from that shaft and that’s why it looks like that?
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